Who is a visiting scholar?

The most common type of scholar at CSU comes as a J-1 Exchange Visitor. These are often postdoctoral fellows, research associates, visiting professors, and even undergraduates at institutions outside the U.S. visiting CSU to complete a required internship.  They are typically not enrolled in classes at CSU because their primary purpose is work or research. These visitors may utilize one of many J-1 categories CSU is approved to host including Research Scholar, Professor, Short-Term Scholar, Specialist, and Student Intern.

Visa Categories

In addition to J-1 Exchange Visitors, CSU sponsors other employment visa types for individuals coming to the University to engage in full-time employment.  These visa types include H-1B, TN, E-3, O-1 and others.  Please see this page for a chart listing the most common visa types for scholars and their dependents at CSU.

How to Apply

If you will be joining CSU as a J-1 Exchange Visitor or in one of the other employment categories, you will need to work with your CSU department to complete intake forms for our office to review.  We recommend contacting your CSU host department prior to initiating any kind of immigration paperwork.

Scholars in the News