International Development Studies

The International Development Studies program includes an undergraduate minor and Graduate Certificate available to CSU students enrolled in any college or department. The program prepares students to engage in an increasingly interdependent world and think critically about global issues, poverty, and the processes of transformation and change.

Courses and faculty are from multiple departments providing a truly interdisciplinary learning experience. A required common course provides a foundation for theories, applications, and the impacts of development. Electives offer students the opportunity to focus on their own areas of interest.

Undergraduate Program

The International Development Studies Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Minor is a 21-credit program that introduces students to international development through a variety of approaches and practices. Students will think critically and through multiple disciplinary lenses about the processes of material and cultural change in resource poor communities around the globe.

Students graduating with a minor in International Development Studies will be better prepared to enter the Peace Corps or graduate school, or work for non-profit or governmental development organizations or in international business.

Graduate Program

The International Development Studies Interdisciplinary Graduate Program is a 12-credit program that exposes students to a variety of approaches and practices to international development. Students take a common course to learn theory, assumptions and values, applications, and the impact of development. Electives challenge students to examine development practices from disciplinary perspectives outside of their primary department and enhance problems solving and critical thinking skills.


IDS students and faculty are eligible to receive up to $1,000 in travel support for research or conferences related to international development. Deadline: TBA for 2020

IDS Travel Grant for Faculty (fillable if downloaded) – Applicants must be Colorado State University faculty and associated with the International Development Studies Board.

IDS Travel Grant for Students (fillable if downloaded) – Applicants must be a Colorado State University student and must be enrolled in the International Development Studies minor, graduate program, ANTH/IE 479, or ANTH/IE 679.

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Executive Board

Silvia Canetto, Psychology
Steve Leisz, Anthropology
Ramaa Vasudevan, Economics
Karan Venayagamoorthy, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Toni Zimmerman, Human Development & Family Studies

Faculty members interested in learning more about the International Development Studies Board should contact Chad Hoseth.


To make an appointment to enroll in the International Development Studies minor or graduate program, contact:

Erin Cubley
(970) 491-5917
Laurel Hall, 1024 Campus Delivery