International Student & Scholar Services

Welcome to ISSS!

International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) provides services and resources to facilitate the internationalization of Colorado State University, Fort Collins, and the greater Colorado and global communities. We strive to assist international students and scholars with cultural adjustment, academic integration, professional growth, and personal support. As part of that initiative, we oversee new international student and scholar orientation and arrival, regulatory compliance, immigration services, sponsor services, events and programming, and act as a liaison to the U.S. government.

ISSS also assists CSU departments to host international scholars who engage in collaborative research and teaching as a way to promote international exchange.

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Connect With an Advisor

Whether you have questions about how to maintain your immigration status or if you’re looking for helpful resources on campus and in the Colorado community, our International Advisors are happy to help! You can connect with an advisor using Zoom during our Remote Open Advising sessions, in-person or remote advising appointments, and through the Ask an Advisor form.

Have a concern or just need someone to reach out to? Let us know how we can support you in the ISSS Cares form linked below.

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Updates about COVID-19 for International Students & Scholars

You can find updates on COVID-19 for international students and scholars here.

New travel requirements became active as of November 8, 2021. If you will be traveling internationally over the holidays, please review the information in the image below to ensure you are able to re-enter the US without delay.