Estimated Expenses

The CSU Board of Governors reserves the right to increase tuition and fees at any time. All amounts below are estimated CSU tuition and fees, living and personal expenses, and expenses for dependents and presented in USD. These estimates may vary according to your living arrangements, major, marital status, and lifestyle.


Estimated expenses are calculated using Cost of Attendance estimates from the Office of Financial Aid:

For the most accurate estimate of the cost of your program, please refer to the CSU tuition calendar:

Estimated Expenses for 2022-2023Non-Resident Tuition and
Required Fees*
Living & Personal
Other Expenses (books, supplies,
health insurance)
Total Estimated Funding Needed
Undergraduate$32,984 USD$13,728 USD$4,276 USD$50,988 USD
Graduate (standard)$34,516 USD$14,237 USD$3,796 USD$52,549 USD
Graduate: Occupational Therapy, Addiction Counseling, or Prof. Science Masters in Natural Sciences$36,016 USD$14,237 USD$3,796 USD$54,049 USD
Graduate: College of Business$38,172 USD$14,237 USD$3,796 USD$56,205 USD
Graduate: Impact MBA$46,960 USD$14,237 USD$3,796 USD$64,993 USD
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM)$65,470 USD$14,237 USD$5,813 USD$85,520 USD

*Some departments and courses will charge additional fees. CSU assistantships do not cover fees, so students receiving CSU assistantships should budget accordingly. See page 2 for a breakdown of estimated fees.*

Estimated Expenses for Dependent Family Members (Spouses/Children)
Costs for dependents should be added to the totals above, as they apply**
Expenses for a Spouse$6,036 USD
Expenses for Each Child$5,280 USD

**These are minimum estimated expenses required to get an immigration document from CSU. The actual expenses of your family members may vary.

Estimated Expenses for Graduate Students on Continuous Registration

Tuition & FeesLiving ExpensesHealth InsuranceTOTAL
12 Months$921 USD$16,548 USD$1,555 USD$19,024 USD
9 Months$614 USD$12,411 USD$1,555 USD$14,580 USD
Fall 2022$307 USD$6,206 USD$740 USD$7,253 USD
Spring 2023$307 USD$6,206 USD$815 USD$7,328 USD
Summer 2023$307 USD$4,137 USD$0 (included in spring)$4,444 USD



The estimated expenses on the previous page are the minimum funding levels the average student needs in order to attend Colorado State University. We are only able to create an immigration document for you after you show the minimum funding level required. Your actual expenses at CSU may vary according to your living arrangements, major, and lifestyle. The CSU Board of Governors reserves the right to increase tuition and fees at any time.

Differential Tuition

Differential tuition is tuition charged to students according to the specific courses they take after they have reached 60 credit hours. The College of Business charges differential tuition after 30 credit hours.

Those 60 (or 30) credits include any credits the student transferred from a previous institution, such as credits obtained at one of our strategic partner universities.

Differential tuition is not assessed for any student who is classified as a freshman. Students who enter CSU with enough transfer credits to be classified as upperclassmen will be charged differential tuition in their first semester.

The average semester-long course at CSU is three credits. Most students at CSU will reach 60 credit hours in their third year of study. College of Business students generally reach 30 credit hours in their second year of study.

Please visit the Office of Financial Aid website for more information about differential tuition:

Special Course and Program Fees

The tuition and fees estimates on the previous page are base tuition and fees for all students. Some classes and programs require additional special course and program fees. You can find additional information about those fees on the Office of Financial Aid website.

Assistantships do not cover fees. Students who are receiving assistantships from their academic departments are responsible for paying fees themselves.

*The Immigration Services Fee is a fee our office manages. From Fall 2023 onward, this fee will increase to $175 per semester, for a total of $350 per academic year (Fall & Spring). This fee is charged to all F-1 and J-1 students for this each semester they are enrolled, including summer if summer coursework occurs. Learn more about this fee on our FAQ page.

Estimated Fees for 2022-2023 Graduate & PhD Students Undergraduate Students 
General Fees $1,778 USD $1,778 USD 
University Technology Fee $64 USD $64 USD 
University Facility Fee $428 USD $570 USD 
University Alternative Transportation Fee $68 USD $68 USD 
Immigration Services Fee*$250 USD $250 USD 
Total Estimated Fees $2,638 USD $2,780 USD