Airport Transportation

Getting to Fort Collins from the Denver Airport

Office of International Programs Pick Up

The Office of International Programs will provide airport pick-up to new incoming international students the weekend before orientation. Current international students will welcome you at the airport and make sure you arrive at CSU safely.  The cost is anticipated to be $15 per person. We will offer 2-3 pick-up times each day on Saturday and Sunday, August 15-16. We mostly likely will have a morning pick-up (not before 9am), afternoon pick-up, and evening pick-up (not beyond 9pm). More information will be available in April, and sign-ups will open July 1.

Required Information

Please make sure it is all accurate in sign-up form:

  1. Contact information – If you have a U.S. phone number, use it. If you don’t have a U.S. phone number, please put your WeChat number/WhatsApp number so our volunteers can add you ahead of time.
  2. Arrival Time/Date to Denver Airport – When you write the actual arrival time, please also put a.m. or p.m. so we will know you are arriving in the morning or afternoon.
  3. All your flight numbers – indicate which one is to the Denver Airport (for example: UA321, UA654 (Denver)).
  4. Campus Residence Hall or Apartment name / Off campus (full address) – The address of where you are going to stay on your first night. If it’s on-campus residence hall or apartment, please write the name of it (for example: Parmelee Hall, Westfall Hall, Aggie Village, etc.). If it’s an off-campus location, please put the detailed address information.
  5. Waiver – read and fill out before payment

After you sign up and make the payment, you will get an email with the order number, which means your payment was successful and your sign-up was confirmed. Please put the email address you check regularly in the sign-up form. Before you arrive, we will email you a reminder with detailed information. If you have family coming with you, please sign-up each individually with their name and your CSU ID.

If you have any questions, please email us at or

Airport Shuttle – Groome Transportation

Groome Transportation : (888) 472-6656  (Previously known as Green Ride)  Reservations are necessary. Service leaves about every hour.

Most people fly into Denver International Airport (DIA), and then take a shuttle to Fort Collins. The trip takes about 1.75 hours and costs approximately $35 per person.

When arranging a pick-up time from the airport, plan an extra 20-30 minutes to pick up checked baggage, plus an additional 15 minutes to navigate the airport to the shuttle pick-up location. Students who miss the last shuttle to Fort Collins will need to stay overnight in Denver at a hotel near the airport, at their own expense.

Drop-off locations

There are several drop-off points in Fort Collins, depending on time of arrival. We recommend getting dropped off at your residence, if you are able to move in upon arrival. If arriving during office hours (Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.), you may wish to be dropped off at the CSU Transit Center on campus, which will cost less than a personal location.

Make sure to arrange temporary or long-term housing before you arrive so you can decide where to be dropped off. Visit our Housing webpage for information about housing options and resources.