There are many resources for your health and wellness needs while you’re at CSU.

Women & Gender Advocacy Center

WGAC offers education, resources and support around issues of health and wellness, sexual abuse, and more. They have many great programs and events aimed at supporting personal health in these areas as well.

The Women and Gender Advocacy Center serves as confidential advocates providing resource and support for students navigating the academic, legal, medical and emotional aftermath of sexual violence, sexual harassment, stalking and/or relationship violence. WGAC offers many educational programs, trainings and workshops that are facilitated throughout campus by their professional staff and peer educators. One of their more high profile campaigns is the Consent Turns Me On (CTMO) campaign, which is a large part of the Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) events every April.

Understanding Mental Health

Student Case Management

If you or someone you know is going through a crisis, Student Case Management can help you navigate the many resources and services that are available at CSU. It’s a good starting place to determine the best approach to the current situation.

They can assist on a range of crises, including medical mental health, alcohol or other drugs, behavioral, and other crises. If you are concerned about a fellow Ram’s mental health and/or safety, we encourage you to tell someone.

You can call (970) 491-1350 to discuss concerns about any member of the CSU community. Referrals will be made to campus resources that can develop strategies and use resources to discreetly help students and employees who may be in distress. Referrals may also be made using the online Health and Safety Referral Form.