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Graduate Student Council General Meeting

Graduate Student Council General Meeting

Graduate Student Council General Meeting

Graduate Student Council General Meeting

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Join us on Sunday, March 1st at 3 p.m. for the 66th annual World Unity Fair. We will learn about cultures from all around the globe and experience their traditions, customs and much more!



Congratulations to the 2019 Griswold Scholarship recipients, Emilyn Sarah Bell and Jessica Egnatovich!



See the 2019 Max & Peggy Becker Lifetime Volunteer Award Recipient, Barbara J Stallings, and learn more about her impact on and contributions to the International Community in Fort Collins



Meet the Programs & Events Team

I first came to Fort Collins when I was almost 17 as an exchange student in high school and I loved Colorado so much that I decided to stay and go to college here at CSU. As of now, I’m an undergraduate student studying Biochemistry and I hope to, one day, go to Med school! […]

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Hi! My name is Daniela Navarro. I moved to Colorado in 2006 from California, where all my family still is. I decided to stay here because the mountains are gorgeous and people are so friendly. I really love to travel and took CSU’s study abroad opportunities and went to Spain and Peru! It was amazing […]

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Hello! My name is Hussain Alabdullah and I’m from Al Ahsa, Saudi Arabia. This is my senior year doing my bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering, in addition to a minor in mathematics. One day, I hoped to travel and explore the world. Therefore, I did not hesitate when I got the opportunity to do so and […]

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Hello! My name is Prathmesh Dinanath Kale and I am from Mumbai, India. I came to Colorado to pursue my Masters in Electrical Engineering in Fall 2018. Although I was born in India, I have grown up in Dubai. Transition to Fort Collins was very smooth due to the hospitality of the people here. The […]

Prathmesh's Story »

Hey! My name is Shruti Parab. I am from Mumbai (India). I came to Fort Collins a year ago as a Computer Engineering Masters student. Moving out of home for the first time was an amazing experience and CSU had a role in welcoming me. I love Fort Collins and CSU because of the warm and welcoming […]

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