Students Arrival

As you arrive to Fort Collins and start exploring the CSU campus, keep in mind a few tasks you will need to do to help you settle into your new home as a Ram. All new international students and transfers are required to complete the Immigration Document Review as well as attend New International Student Orientation. You will also want to make sure you register for classes if you haven’t already, buy your textbooks, check in with your housing arrangement, submit your health records, and organize your banking.

Arrival To Do List

Submit your Health Records

Before you can register for your second semester classes, you are required to submit a health history form and email all previous immunization records to

Your records must show proof of immunity against measles (two doses), mumps (two doses), and rubella (two doses). If you are missing any, you will have the opportunity to receive these shots at the CSU Health Center during Orientation.

For more information, review the Immunization section of the CSU Health Network website, and the New Student Checklist for the CSU Health Network.