Remote Advising


11/15/2021 – You must first check-in for Remote Open Advising. You can check-in through the WorldRams portal before accessing the Zoom waiting room. Please read and follow the instructions below.

Remote advising hours are available Monday-Thursday from 10AM – 11AM and 1PM – 3PM (MST). You must be logged in and in the advising waiting room before the cutoff time to be seen that day.

Separate links to check-in and enter the Zoom Remote Open Advising waiting rooms are at the bottom of this page. Please be sure to review the information below before entering Remote Open Advising.

Accessing Remote Advising

ISSS uses Zoom for remote Open Advising sessions with international students and scholars.

You must install Zoom in order to participate in a remote open advising session with an ISSS advisor.

  1. You will need to check-in through the WorldRams platform first.
    • Checking in will ensure that you’re seen by an ISSS advisor in the correct order.
  2. You will then enter the Zoom advising waiting room using the links at the bottom of this page.
    • You need to log in with your CSU eID and password to access the session links.
    • If you are on your STEM OPT authorization and cannot access the advising links, please email our office.
  3. Please make sure your full name is your profile name for your Zoom account and be prepared to verify your identity when connected with an advisor.

More instructions are provided in the user guide below:

Remote Advising Guidelines and Suggestions

  • Check your video and audio capabilities before entering the Zoom waiting room
  • Make sure your environment is quiet and it’s easy to hear and see you.
    • To ensure the protection of your personal information make sure you are in a private room or environment.
    • Background noise will prevent the advisor from providing clear information.
    • If your connection is not clear or the advisor is otherwise unable to understand you, you will be removed from the meeting and lose your place in the queue.
  • Your open advising sessions should last no more than 15 minutes.

Before Entering Advising Consider


  • Documents should be submitted either by email or through the appropriate eForm
    • Make sure you review the information on the form’s webpage before submitting your documents.
  • All documents and eForms will be thoroughly reviewed by an ISSS staff member. If follow up is needed, the staff member will reach out to you directly.

Scheduling an Appointment

  • If you’d like more than 15 minutes or need to speak with a specific advisor, please schedule an appointment through the Schedule an Appointment button below.

Still want to meet with an advisor?

By entering this open advising Zoom meeting, I verify that I am in a private location where I feel comfortable with personal academic and immigration-related information being shared openly by the ISSS advisor. I also understand I will need to verify my identity with the ISSS advisor before they are able to share personal academic or immigration-related information in accordance with FERPA.

Note: Remote Open Advising is Monday-Thursday from 10AM-11AM and 1PM-3PM. We do not currently host Remote Open Advising sessions on Fridays. 

Log Into Remote Open Advising

Step 1: Check-In

Check-in with our office through the “Front Desk Check-In” webpage linked below. (Be sure to return to this page to access the Zoom waiting room in Step 2!)

Step 2: Enter a Zoom Advising Waiting Room

Log into the morning or afternoon Zoom advising sessions by clicking the appropriate image below.