Parking: Don’t Get a Fine!

On-Campus Parking

There is no free parking on campus during the day, though many lots do not require permits after 4pm. Be aware that CSU parking permits are for specific zones only. If you live off campus, you are eligible to purchase a “Z” permit. Students who live in the Residence Halls or the CSU Apartments are given a special permit from the area office. Permits are not valid in metered zones where you must always pay at the meter. Upon receipt of your parking permit, you need to immediately place it in the front windshield of your car.

Permits may be purchased by the day, month, or year at the University Parking Services located in the Lake Street Parking Garage. Visit the Parking Services website for more information and to purchase a permit.

Off Campus Parking

Many apartment complexes around town also require a parking permit. Always look for signs as you enter a parking lot or park in a space to see if they require any permit or if the space is open to the public. If you park where you’re not supposed to, your car is at risk of being towed and you could be fined hundreds of dollars. Make sure that if you have visitors with a car that they understand the parking rules as well – many internationals get fines because they were not aware of parking restrictions.

Loading Zones

Loading zones may be used only if you are loading or unloading property or passengers. Loading zones are not considered parking places. On campus, they have a 20-minute time limit. Off campus, around Fort Collins, the time limit is 30 minutes before you receive a ticket, and you must leave your flashers on.