Next Steps for International Admits

You’re admitted. Now what?

Now that you’re part of the Ram Family, there are a few more steps to take to prepare for the first day of class. Below you’ll find detailed information that will guide you through the enrollment process. We’re here for you if you have any questions.

Instructions for students awarded conditional admission will vary slightly. Conditionally admitted students planning to enroll in the Programs for Learning Academic and Community English (PLACE) program to clear their admission will receive additional instructions from PLACE. Refer to our conditional admission site to learn more.

You’ll need your NetID (username/password).

Make sure you’ve created your NetID (username/password), necessary to log in for many of the tasks below. Creating your NetID also creates your university email account, which other offices and departments use to contact you.

Admitted International Student Checklist

Click on each step to see detailed information about why each step is important and the actions you need to take to check it off the list.

International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) will walk you through the steps to obtain your student visa. Refer to this page for help with acceptable document types and info on how to submit your required documents

Submit Immigration Documents & Obtain Your Visa

You were instructed to submit your immigration information form, financial support document(s) and passport ID page as part of completing your application for admission. If you have not yet submitted all required documents OR if corrections/updates are needed, complete this step as quickly as possible.

Whether you’ve been granted clear or conditional admission, International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) will issue your official admit packet and I-20 or DS-2019 immigration documents only after reviewing, verifying and approving your immigration information.

Check RAMweb and your email for details about the status of your immigration documents. If you need help understanding the visa process once your immigration documents have been reviewed and approved, consult the ISSS pre-arrival guide.

Conditional admits who have received their language training immigration documents and then clear admission before enrolling should contact ISSS as soon as possible.

Need to know the status of your immigration documents?

Log in to RAMweb (application status dashboard) to see the status of your immigration documents.

Reserve your spot in our incoming class by paying your $300 enrollment deposit, which covers new student charges and a portion of your first semester tuition. You’ll be able to access the on-campus Housing Application and Ram Orientation sign-up after you deposit.

What are my options?

Log in to RAMweb and click on “Tell Us Your Plans” to take one of the following actions:

Confirm and Pay

By confirming and paying your $300 deposit you will reserve your spot in the incoming class and gain access to the on-campus housing application and orientation sign-up.

Confirm and Defer

If your cost of attendance will be paid by a third party (such as a sponsor), you may defer your $300 enrollment deposit. This will reserve your spot in the incoming class and you will gain access to the on-campus housing application and orientation sign-up. The $300 deposit will reflect as due with your first semester billing statement.

Update Your Application

Need more time? You can request a change to your entry term for up to one year. We’ll keep your application active and work with you to retain your admission decision and enrollment deposit, if possible.

Decline Your Offer of Admission

If you decide not to enroll at CSU, you can decline your offer of admission. After you decline, we know that you no longer are considering CSU, and we will discontinue our communications. You can change your mind and confirm at a later date, but declining your admission might impact your enrollment options. If you’ve already deposited and your plans have changed, refer to our refund policy.

Recommended Deposit Dates

Depositing on time helps us plan for your arrival and ensure your spot in the incoming class. If your plans change, contact us to update your application to a future term or to cancel your confirmation (refund policy).

Fall Semester

Freshmen must deposit by May 1 and transfers must deposit by July 1. After these dates, confirmations are accepted on a space-available basis.

Spring Semester

All new students must deposit by December 15 or within two weeks of admission if after this date.

Summer Semester

Summer course registration opens in March, and courses begin in May. Early confirmation is encouraged for best access to courses. Deposits are accepted until June 1.

Ready to Confirm?

Log in to RAMweb with your NetID and follow the link to “Tell Us Your Plans.”

Freshmen are required to live on campus and are guaranteed housing. Off-Campus Life can support transfer students who choose to live off campus. The on-campus housing application requires a $350 deposit (waived for students who qualify for an enrollment deposit deferral).

On-Campus Options

CSU offers a wide selection of housing and dining options to ensure all students feel at home on campus.

Freshman students under the age of 21 are required* to live on campus for their first two semesters and are guaranteed housing. Freshman students over the age of 21 and transfer students are welcome to live on campus and can be eligible for designated upper-level residence hall or apartment options.

Students awarded conditional admission who plan to enroll in the PLACE Intensive English program can discuss their housing options with PLACE.

It is important to secure your housing plans prior to arrival on campus. Campus housing fills quickly, so students must complete this step as soon as possible. 

Residence hall application:

Fall semester on-campus housing application opens in mid-November. Spring semester housing application opens in mid-September.

The on-campus apartment application is open year-round.

Learn more about residence halls and university apartments on the housing website. Questions about living on campus, the housing application, or the $350 housing deposit* can be directed to Housing & Dining Services.

Temporary housing can be coordinated through International Student and Scholar Services if you arrive before your campus housing opens.

*The housing deposit is waived for students who qualify for an enrollment deposit deferral.

Off-Campus Options

Off-Campus Life can help you identify housing in the Fort Collins community, plus they offer resources to help you make a successful transition to your new home.

Ready to apply for on-campus housing?

Use your NetID to log in to your Ramweb to view your options and complete your housing application.

Step 1: Register for Ram Orientation

Using your CSU eName and password, sign in to our Orientation Reservations system to register for Ram Orientation for International Students. Orientation will take place in the week prior to the start of your first semester. Fall semester orientation sign-up opens in late January. Spring semester orientation sign-up opens in mid-September.

Step 2: Complete the Required Orientation Modules

Prior to Ram Orientation, international students awarded clear admission must complete the International Student Required Orientation Module to receive pre-arrival information and to register for courses. Instructions for the online Pre-Orientation module are emailed to your university email account several weeks prior to the start of the term and should be completed as soon as possible. You must reserve your spot in the on-campus Ram Orientation to receive the Pre-Orientation information.

The final page of your Required Orientation modules will provide you with information about how to schedule an Academic Advising and Course Registration appointment with your academic college. You are responsible for using the contact information provided in the Required Orientation modules to schedule your own appointment.

Note: You will not be able to register for classes until you have fully completed the Required Orientation modules.

Step 3: Attend Ram Orientation

All new undergraduate international students are required to attend Ram Orientation. At Ram Orientation, you will learn about your rights and responsibilities as an international student, meet other new and current CSU students, and learn about University resources and processes that will be important to your success. Ram Orientation takes place the week before classes begin.

Students awarded conditional admission who plan to enroll in the PLACE Intensive English program will participate in orientation on campus the week before classes begin but do not have a pre-orientation module to complete.

There are some key placement steps to complete before Ram Orientation.

Log in to RAMweb to complete your Personalized Mathematics Plan to understand where you are in the Math Placement Process. Your personalized plan will let you know whether you need to take the Math Placement Exam (MPE) before Orientation.

You may also need to complete the Composition Directed Self-Placement Survey (DSP).

You do not need to complete the Composition Directed Self-Placement Survey (DSP) if:

  • You received an ACT Composite score of 26 or higher, an SAT EBR/W score of 620 or higher, or an SAT verbal score of 570 or higher (prior to March 2016); you’re eligible to register for College Composition (CO 150) based on your test results.
  • You’ve earned grades of C- or better in college composition from another regionally-accredited college/university (this includes credit earned through concurrent enrollment).
  • You’ve earned a score of 3 or higher on an Advanced Placement (AP) composition exam, a score of 4 or higher on an International Baccalaureate (IB) composition exam, or CLEP credit for composition (see more info).

To receive advanced standing credit for transfer or test out work in mathematics, composition or any other college-level course work you’ve completed, be sure to submit your official college transcript and/or official test results and bring a copy of your results to orientation for your advisor’s reference.

If you haven’t yet received your grade/test score, mention the pending result to your advisor at orientation. Note that some colleges/departments still require that you complete the Math Placement Exam (MPE) before orientation even if you expect to receive transfer or test-out credit.

When in doubt, complete the placement steps. Your results do not bind you to a particular course of action, but they can help you keep your options open.

When you review the placement procedures, you’ll see information about two additional placements:

  • Foreign Language Placement Exam: Required before you can register for a world language course if you have had previous study of French, German, or Spanish. The department recommends completing the exam at least three days prior to Ram Orientation.
  • Chem Prep: Required for any student whose major includes the General Chemistry I (Chem 111) course. Learn more about whether you should complete Chem Prep before Ram Orientation.

Ready to complete the placement requirements?

Learn more about placement procedures required for registration.

Your admission is provisional until we receive final, official secondary school, university, or tertiary transcripts. Your secondary school transcript should show graduation or equivalent.

If the original transcript is not in English, a certified English translation must accompany the official document. Admitted students are encouraged to bring available course descriptions, syllabi, or course catalogs that will assist us in granting you equivalent CSU credit.

Your admission decision may not be retained or you may experience delays in the course registration process if you have not submitted final transcripts by the start of your first semester.

Ready to submit your final transcripts?

Follow the directions to submit your final transcripts in a timely manner.

Complete the steps on CSU Health Network’s New Student Checklist to support our commitment to a safe and healthy campus. Steps include submitting required health and immunization records, completing the online Alcohol EDU and Sexual Assault Prevention programs, and documenting insurance coverage.

Our International Care Coordinators can address any of your health concerns, answer questions and connect you to resources.

Make sure your health records are ready.

Take a look at the CSU Health Network’s New Student Checklist.

Students With Direct/Clear Admission

International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) provides experts and resources  to walk you through every step of the pre-arrival and arrival process at CSU. Watch your email for important pre-arrival instructions, and contact an international advisor if you have questions.

Download and use our Pre-Arrival Guide for International Students for guidance along the way.

Download Pre-Arrival Guide

Students With Conditional Admission

If you’re planning to enroll in the PLACE Intensive English program, be sure you’ve confirmed your plans by completing the form sent to your email. Head to this page for more PLACE pre-arrival information: