All new students are assigned advising codes. This 6-digit number is required before registering and is given to you when you are advised. Undergraduate students, you will learn how to be advised by completing the online International Student Pre-Orientation Module. Graduate students, you will learn how to be advised by reaching out to your graduate department coordinator, who can put you in contact with your advisor.

Once you have your advising code, you may register for classes!

  1. Log onto RAMweb.
  2. Click “Registration” on your RAMweb homepage.
  3. On the next page, select the correct Registration Term, and then click “Submit”.
  4. To locate classes, click on the Class Search at the bottom of the Add/Drop Classes page. Once you have selected your class(es), click the checkbox beside the sections you want to register for, or type the five-digit Course Reference Numbers (CRNs) for the courses you have selected into the CRN boxes at the bottom.
  5. Click “Submit Changes”.
  6. All successfully added courses will appear under Current Schedule with a status of Registered or Registered on Web with the date.
  7. Any courses for which registration was not successful will appear just above the Add Classes Worksheet and will be identified with a red octagon and the heading of Registration Add Errors.

You may wish to explore the classes being offered each semester before trying to register for them; see the Class Schedule.

The Registrar provides further instructions on registering for classes, as well as a timeline of important dates.