What is This Request Form?

This form allows students to request a letter from our office that confirms they are complying with their immigration requirements. The Status Verification Letter for SSN Request must be included in the application materials submitted to the Social Security Administration office. Please review our Social Security page for more information about Social Security Numbers (SSN).

What Do I Need to Complete This eForm?

  • Read the information on this entire webpage before submitting your eForm
    • Make sure you meet the requirements for submitting the eForm listed under #2 in the section below titled “Instructions for Completing this eForm”
  • Receive an on-campus job offer
  • Obtain a letter of employment from your CSU employer
    • A template for this letter is provided in the button above
      • Letters must be on CSU department Letterhead (emails do not qualify)
      • Include the following information:
        • Student’s full name (must match your passport)
        • Position (job) title
        • Employment start date
        • Number of hours per week (must not exceed 20 hours/week)
        • Supervisor’s full name and phone number
        • Employer’s signature (original ink signature required)

Instructions for Completing This Form

  1. Fill out the letter request eForm in the link above
    • Upload a copy of your Letter of Employment
  2. Comply with all immigration requirements
    • If you are a new student to CSU, you will need to complete the Immigration Document Review before the letter of authorization can be issued.
    • All students must be enrolled full time for the semester to be eligible for this letter.

We will email you with further instructions when your letter is ready.

Please allow for 5-7 business days for processing. If it is the beginning or end of the semester, please allow for 7-10 business days for processing.