Instructions for Completing This Form

  1. Provide documentation showing that you have sufficient funding to cover your dependent expenses.
    • This funding can be in the form of a bank statement, CSU funding letter, or letter from a sponsoring agency. Contact ISSS for estimated dependent expenses.
  2. Provide copy(ies) of the ID page from each dependent’s passport.
  3. Submit completed packet to the front desk in Laurel Hall or by email.
  4. ISSS will issue a new I-20/DS-2019 for your dependent(s), as well as update your I-20/DS-2019 to show that you have added a dependent(s) to your SEVIS record.

Please note: Depending on the time of academic year, it may take up to 7-10 business days for our office to process your request once our office receives your request. We will contact you when your documents are completed.

Additional Information


The figures listed in the forms linked above are based on relatively conservative budget estimates and may vary according to your living arrangements, major, marital status and lifestyle.

  • Charges for technology, special course fees, and differential tuition are not included in these estimates.
  • The estimates do not include costs of deposits necessary for off-campus housing, clothing (particularly winter clothing for those coming from warmer climates), international travel, the cost of keeping an automobile and insuring it, babysitting, shipping books and other belongings home, and taxes owed on U.S. source income.
  • In addition, fees charged to sponsors for special services are not shown, but are described in the general catalog.
  • Satisfactory proof of finances must be provided before Colorado State University will issue an I-20 or DS-2019.

The CSU Board of Governors reserves the right to increase tuition and fees at any time. All amounts on the estimated expenses worksheet are estimates and are subject to change. 

Health Insurance

Health Insurance is required for all international students and their families. For information regarding CSU health insurance options for students, please go to the CSU Health Network.  J-1 scholars can visit the J-1 Health Insurance page for more information.


F-2: Spouses on an F-2 visa may not engage in full-time study during their stay in the United States unless the program is “avocational or recreational.”  Part-time study is permitted. Children on an F-2 visa may only engage in full time study at the K-12 level.  If an F-2 dependent wishes to pursue a degree full-time, he or she must first apply for and obtain F-1 status.

J-2: There are no regulatory restrictions on study for J-2 dependents.


F-2: Dependents on an F-2 visa may not engage in any employment or business under any circumstances during their stay in the United States.

J-2: J-2 dependents can apply for J-2 Dependent Employment Authorization USCIS in order to be employed in the United States.

  • The J-2 may begin employment only after receiving their Employment Authorization Document (EAD) from USCIS.
  • J-2 dependents are eligible to apply to USCIS for employment authorization so long as the employment is not for the purpose of supporting the J-1.
  • A J-2 dependent will not be able to obtain a Social Security number unless in possession of an EAD.
  • Unlike J-1 exchange visitors, J-2 dependents are subject to Social Security taxes.
    • They are also subject to federal income taxes, and where applicable, state income taxes.

Primary and Secondary School Enrollment:

To enroll your children in Poudre School District public schools, please obtain the following documents from your home country:

  • Student’s birth certificate, original or certified
  • Immunization records or a signed State of Colorado Exemption Certificate is required for personal, religious, or medical exemptions to school immunization requirements.
  • Copy of student’s academic history or current report card
  • Proof of residency (a copy of a lease agreement, mortgage statement, utility bill, etc. that shows that parent/guardian lives at address within school boundaries)

For additional information, go to the Poudre School District website.