Education Abroad Basics

Below you will find resources valuable in learning more about planning an education abroad experience. Refer to the Getting Started section for more information. Be sure to check out the Explore by Your Area of Study (for programs focused on your academic interests) and Explore by World Region (for programs options based on geographic region) for both live and recorded information.  

We are excited to explore with you and encourage you to schedule a virtual or in-person advising appointment! 

Education Abroad 101

Navigating the Education Abroad Website

Meet the Financial Aid Coordinator for Education Abroad

Nationally Competitive Scholarships

Financial Aid & Education Abroad

International Internships

Meet the Advisor for International Internships

Education Abroad Health & Safety

Meet the Director of the CSU Travel Medicine Clinic

Are you planning to travel soon? Before you pack your bags, make an appointment with CSU Health Network Travel Medicine.

Staffed by clinicians who specialize in Travel Medicine, the CSU Health Network is prepared to discuss safe travel tips, required and recommended immunizations, medications for prevention of malaria, and how to avoid common travel hazards. Students, faculty, staff and traveling companions will incur a charge for a travel consultation. There are additional charges for prescriptions and immunizations.

Diversity Abroad

Check out our Diversity Resources for more information about diversity and education abroad opportunities around the world.

Introduction to the Peace Corps at CSU

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