Core Values

As the Education Abroad unit of International Programs at CSU, we strive to meet our Core Values in everything we do. We hope these values demonstrate our commitment to our peers, students, and ourselves. As advocates for ethical global opportunities, we have a shared mission of improving and enhancing the student experience.


Every day we demonstrate our passion for international education. We work with intention to inspire students to engage and participate in global experiences because we believe the outcomes of a meaningful experience abroad can positively transform individuals, communities, and the world.


We cultivate relationships that build and foster trust and the pursuit of common goals. We recognize the importance of collaboration as a team, a campus, and a global community.


We mindfully seek diverse opportunities to continually learn and grow as global citizens. We value engaging in experiences that challenge our perspectives and push us to understand new ways of interacting with the world.


We are dynamic in our ways of thinking and in our practice; we move and grow with our evolving world. We seek to create a nurturing and innovative environment to identify solutions and empower individuals to meet their goals.


We strive to be equitable and accountable in our work within the CSU Community to foster access and inclusion in education abroad.