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International Internship Program
in Dublin, Ireland (Summer)
International Internship Program
in Valencia, Spain (Summer)
International Internship Program
in New Zealand (Summer, Semester)
UNYP Business Internships in Prague,
Czech Republic (Semester)
DAAD RISE - Research Internships in
Science and Engineering
in Germany (Summer)
Internships for World Languages

What is an International Internship?

International Internships present unique opportunities to combine the many benefits of education abroad with real-world, hands-on experience in your future career field. Participants work with our partner organizations around the world and are placed in short-term, for-credit internship positions abroad over the summer or during a semester. International Internships take place in cities around the world and present an extraordinary opportunity to immerse yourself in local culture, connect to the life of a city and get a true sense of daily life in another country. International Internships can be a good fit for a variety of budgets and schedules with in-person and virtual options as well as hybrid programs, which provide the opportunity to take classes AND complete an internship abroad during the same summer or semester.

NOTE: All students are advised to consult with their academic advisor and/or department to discuss how an internship will fit into their specific graduation plan and any department-specific requirements or courses related to an International Internship experience. Academic credit for an internship is contingent upon departmental approval.

Why Choose an International Internship?

Personal and Professional Development

The #1 goal for any internship should be to gain experience in a career field you are interested in pursuing and to develop the skillset necessary to succeed in that field. Through an International Internship program, you will have the opportunity to explore potential career settings and develop professional proficiencies all while expanding your horizons and growing personally through immersion in a new culture. This unique combination of personal and professional growth can make an International Internship a life-changing experience that does far more than boost your resume. International Internships can help develop:

  • Confidence – Challenging yourself through an International Internship will build belief in yourself and your abilities as you prepare for the next steps in your pursuits. Knowing you successfully navigated an internship in another country will give you confidence as you enter into new settings in the future.
  • Intercultural Competency – Living and working in a different culture will challenge your assumptions and can unlock new ways of thinking about yourself, about others and about the work you do. Effectively communicating and working within an increasingly internationalized context is an invaluable asset to any professional and an International Internship will equip you to bring new perspectives into everything you do.
  • Adaptability – Effectively translating your skills and abilities into new settings is key to a successful career. International Internships provide an opportunity to develop your ability to adapt to new surroundings, new cultures, and new ways of operating so you can bring your best into any environment.

Professional Networking

Establishing and cultivating professional relationships is an integral part of developing as a professional and advancing in your career. Networking creates new pathways to learn from experts in the field and can open doors to new opportunities in the future. Through an International Internship, you will work everyday alongside professionals in a career field you are interested in pursuing, forming relationships that will greatly expand your professional network and ensure you are connected to work being done in your field around the world.

Guaranteed Customized Placement

Students participating in CSU-Sponsored International Internship programs will work with one of our trusted partners to find a placement that meets their individual goals. All students accepted into the program are guaranteed to receive an internship placement. Students will meet one-on-one with an advisor from our partner organization to talk through their academic and professional goals, career fields of interest, personal ambitions and skills they are seeking to develop through the internship. Our partners will then use this information to find a placement that fits the particular needs of each student by accessing their vast network of connections throughout each host location. The placement process truly begins with the student and is built on a personalized approach to ensure each student can meet their goals.

Language Learning

Although many of the International Internship programs offered through CSU and our partner organizations are English-based placements, we also offer immersive language learning opportunities through our Internships for World Languages. These programs are designed for students majoring or minoring in a language study program. They can provide the unique experience of furthering your language skills in a professional context while completing an internship in a career field of interest. Placements are available in Spanish, French, German, and Arabic-speaking countries. These Recommended Programs include full-time and for-credit internship placements over the summer as well as semester-long hybrid programs through which participants can earn 6+ credits in regional and/or language studies while also earning credits completing an internship. All semester-long hybrid programs include a minimum of 12 credits total.

On-Site Support

CSU partners with trusted organizations to offer our sponsored International Internship programs. Our partners have staff on-site in every country in which they place students in internships. Your International Internship experience will begin with an on-site orientation which is an opportunity to get to know other interns and become familiar with the staff there to support you throughout your program. While you always have the support of our office and access to CSU’s various systems of support, the on-site presence of our partners provides more immediate resources and added assurance during your time abroad.

The CSU Office of International Programs (OIP) continuously monitors and evaluates travel alerts in all countries where CSU students intern abroad.  All program participants are covered by International Medical and Evacuation Insurance.  For more information on safety and Education Abroad, please visit our Health & Safety page.

How to Choose an International Internship

Each of our International Internship programs is unique. For more specific information about the International Internship programs offered through CSU, click on any of the programs above to access the full program details. There, you can find information regarding:

  • Eligibility
  • Location
  • Dates
  • Program Costs
  • Academic Credit
  • Housing and Life in Country
  • Application Process


For questions regarding International Internship programs at CSU, please contact Christopher Snodgress in the Office of International Programs.