International Insurance

Insurance will not prevent accidents or illness from happening; however, it can relieve other stressors and provide assistance when you most need it. Most US health insurance does not provide adequate international travel coverage, which is why CSU requires additional insurance. Your program type will determine the insurance you purchase, but the following information can serve as a guide.

CSU does not require Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR) or Interruption for Any Reason (IFAR) insurance but encourages travelers to consider these products as they provide an additional layer of coverage. Note that to be eligible for CFAR/IFAR, it must be purchased within a certain window of being billed program deposits. See additional CFAR/IFAR guidance here.

International Insurance Requirements for Student Travelers

All CSU students and graduate students traveling internationally for university purposes must have international travel health insurance with evacuation coverage. Some programs include insurance as part of their program fee, others will be automatically enrolled in CSU’s international travel insurance. CSU Education Abroad does not accept insurance waiver requests for required international travel plans.

There are also requirements for US health coverage. CSU’s insurance policies support Education Abroad’s requirement that all travelers retain US health insurance while abroad. CSU Education Abroad participants must comply with the same health insurance requirements that a student on campus must fulfill. CSU Education Abroad students must either retain the CSU SHIP plan while abroad, or file a waiver with CSU Health Network proving alternate insurance that meets CSU’s on-campus insurance requirements.

Short-term international insurance plans provided to Education Abroad participants, such as CSU’s international medical plan (Chubb/AXA) or plans offered by study abroad program providers, do not meet the waiver requirements. With these types of plans, coverage gaps exist because international plans may have limited coverage, generally only work while abroad, and are active only during actual program dates. Maintaining US health insurance coverage ensures students have medical/emergency coverage before and after the programs, during travels, during academic breaks, and in case an emergency return to the US is necessary.

Insurance Requirements for CSU Student Travelers

Most CSU international travelers will be automatically enrolled in CSU’s Chubb international travel insurance plan for the duration of their program abroad. Program type determines insurance requirements; see below for information about the insurance required for your experience abroad.

Education Abroad Program Participants

  • CSU-Sponsored, Faculty Led, Exchange and School for Field Studies Programs – automatically enrolled and charged for all programs.
  • Affiliate Programs that provide insurance that meets CSU’s minimum requirements** (AIFS, API, CEA, CIEE, DIS, ISA, SAI, Semester at Sea, SIT, and USAC)* – do not require CSU Chubb Insurance. School for Field Studies does require the CSU Chubb plan, as SFS does not provide comprehensive insurance as part of their program fee.
  • Non-CSU Programs and Unaffiliated Programs (incl. Study, Research, Internship and Service-Learning) – automatically enrolled and charged

*Please review if your program’s national insurance plan or affiliate plan will meet your needs, especially if you have pre-existing medical or mental health conditions to manage abroad, will be participating in high risk activities or going to a higher risk destination. In general the CSU plan is more comprehensive than other plans. You can opt in to the CSU insurance if you need a higher level of insurance by contacting your CSU education abroad coordinator.

**CSU’s minimum insurance requirements include medical, evacuation and repatriation coverage.

Individual Travelers

  • Research, Conference or Departmental Group travel – automatically enrolled, no charge to traveler if registered with Office of International Programs
  • Employee travel (faculty, staff and post-docs) – automatically enrolled, no charge to traveler if traveling for job purposes and enrolled in KUALI Risk Management system

The CSU Chubb international travel plan is only effective if you have registered your CSU travel with the Office of International Programs (students) or Risk Management and Insurance (employees). If your program is covered by CSU Chubb insurance, you are covered by the CSU plan once your registration status is “registration complete.”

Plan Information

  • To reach Chubb Insurance: 1-855-327-1414 or 1-630-694-9764, or
  • To access online resources (find a provider or hospital, country information, security information, etc.), visit and create a username and password. See FAQs on the AXA TravelEYE portal.
  • Chubb Services Provided: Emergency Medical Services, Assistance Locating a Doctor or Medical Facility, Crisis and Behavioral Health Support Counseling by Telephone, Security Advising and Evacuation, Emergency Travel Services and Travel Assistance (including lost passport support).
  • CSU’s Chubb Travel Insurance Plan Limits: Medical (including pre-existing conditions, no deductible or co-pay) – $250,000, Mental and Nervous Disorders – $5,000 Inpatient/$2,500 Outpatient, Prescriptions – $100% of covered expenses, Emergency Medical Evacuation – 100% of covered expenses, except in Antarctica/Greenland, which have $250,000 coverage, Repatriation of Remains – 100% of covered expenses, Emergency Reunion Benefit – $5,000, Security/Natural Disaster Evacuation – $100,000, Accidental Death and Dismemberment – $10,000. View the complete insurance plan details including specific exclusions and additional coverages on the Chubb Summary of Benefits.
  • Chubb Insurance Card: Print and carry with you during your travels.
  • Chubb Claims Form: Submit this form and required documents (itemized bills, receipts, medical records for injury/illness) within 30 days of a covered incident for reimbursement of expenses.
  • Insurance FAQ

Costs and Billing

Travelers in programs that require CSU insurance will be automatically enrolled and charged the appropriate cost based on their program type and length. Charges will appear on RamWeb 10 days prior to the start of the CSU academic term. Dates of coverage will be the official dates of registered CSU travel plus 14 days before and after official dates.

The approximate cost of the insurance is under $16 per week. Exact billing totals can be found on the budget sheets at the top of each program page for programs that require CSU Chubb insurance.

Additional information

If you need additional information about CSU’s insurance plans, please contact Derek Smallwood at or (970) 491-4174.