CSU has emergency protocols to support international travelers and programs abroad, including a 24-hour emergency response team. CSU education abroad staff monitors world events and program country conditions and takes a proactive approach to international risk management when possible. In the event of an emergency, education abroad staff with emergency response training will work closely with the affected parties, emergency contacts, insurance providers, and in-country or CSU staff that can assist in managing the emergency.

In an Emergency

  • 24-hour Emergency Response Telephone: (970)-491-6425 (Request Education Abroad Emergency Assistance. Please reserve this line for true emergencies)
  • Education Abroad Emergency Phone:  (970) 219-9940

For assistance with non-emergency questions, please contact the Education Abroad Office during business hours: 970-491-5917

In an emergency, provide CSU with the following information:

  • Your name (and other affected parties)
  • Contact information for you and the affected party
  • Where you are located now
  • Country and program
  • Date and time of incident or onset of condition
  • Description and severity of incident or condition
  • Actions taken
  • Support needed from CSU

Try to stay calm and identify resources and in-country contacts that can help you manage the incident. If you have a medical emergency, go to the nearest hospital immediately. In addition to the CSU Emergency Responders, in-country program staff, the affected party’s insurance provider or any local contacts you have may also be able to help you manage an incident.

Reporting an Incident Abroad – See Something, Say Something:

If you experience or witness something that you would like to notify CSU about, or if you are concerned about a fellow CSU student abroad, please notify CSU by submitting a report with as much detail as possible. CSU will follow up per federal or CSU protocol, with the goal of providing support to affected parties and promoting the safety of participants on education abroad programs.

Reporting a student of concern: CSU Tell Someone Reporting Form

If you believe anyone is in imminent danger, immediately call the 24-hour emergency response line listed above.

Emergency Contact and Parental Notification

In serious emergencies, emergency contacts listed in the affected participant’s education abroad profile will be contacted. In general, emergency contacts will not be notified of incidents without the participant’s consent unless the student is unable to make decisions or speak for himself/herself, has a serious medical emergency, is missing, is perceived to be a danger to himself/herself or others, or if he/she may be dismissed from a program due to conduct offenses or criminal behavior.