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What is a First Year Seminar Abroad Program?

Participants in a First Year Seminar Abroad will join other first year students in a small group, experiential learning environment, prior to the start of their first semester. These programs are designed to build community with CSU faculty, staff, and students. The goal of these programs is to help students:

  • Feel more comfortable asking questions in class, approaching faculty members for help, and obtaining letters of recommendation;
  • Improve their ability to navigate campus, live away from home, and manage their time and money;
  • Gain confidence in making friends and finding a support network on campus; and
  • Increase their ability to interact with diverse people and ideas.

Recent research also suggests that students who participate in education abroad programs are more likely to graduate than those who do not participate. CSU believes that the first year seminar abroad program offers students an excellent learning and adjustment opportunity.

Why Choose a First Year Seminar Abroad Program?

Develop Community

A key facet of college student success is forming a community of social and academic support.  First Year Seminar Abroad programs are designed to start to build this community before students start their first semester on the CSU Campus. The program is held to a maximum of 8:1 student/instructor ratio in the classroom environment. This small-group environment helps students form connections with each other and the instructors. Between the classroom experience and broader travel experience, students will have a lot of one-on-one time with each other and CSU professionals who care about their development and transition.

On-Site Support

In addition to the teaching faculty, each program will have additional on-site staff whose role is to support the faculty and attend to non-classroom issues such as logistical support, student needs, and safety. On-site support staff members have experience and training related to working with first-year students in a co-curricular, student advising capacity.

While in transit and on-site, the faculty and staff team will ensure that the group stays together and travels safely. A virtual pre-departure orientation with country specific health and safety information will be provided for students over the summer in addition to the on campus orientation at CSU.  In addition to our Pre-Departure guide, a program contact sheet will be provided electronically to students and emergency contacts with information relevant to contacting students and faculty, as well as CSU campus staff, during the program.

Safety and Security Concerns

Program locations are selected based on their academic, cultural, and geographic appeal, the availability of affordable housing and amenities, and availability of reliable logistical support on site. CSU also considers the criteria of safety, security, and health.

The CSU Office of International Programs (OIP) continuously monitors and evaluates travel alerts in all countries where CSU students study abroad.  All program participants are covered by International Medical and Evacuation Insurance.  For more information on safety and Education Abroad, please visit our Health & Safety page.

How to Choose a First Year Seminar Abroad Program

For more specific information about First Year Seminar Abroad programs at Colorado State University, click on any of the programs above to access the full program details. There, you can find information regarding:

  • Eligibility
  • Location
  • Dates
  • Program Costs
  • Curriculum
  • Housing and Meals
  • Program Leaders
  • Application Process


For questions regarding First Year Seminar Abroad programs at CSU, please contact Nicole Pawloski in the Office of International Programs.

  • Nicole can be reached via email at