Getting Started

For students considering an Education Abroad experience, follow these six steps to get started with the process. Please read these carefully. If you have questions that cannot be answered by the Education Abroad Handbook, or our Frequently Asked Questions, feel free to Contact Education Abroad.

1) Watch these Getting Started Videos

To start, watch the Education Abroad 101 video. In just over 5 minutes you can learn the basics of the Education Abroad process here at CSU! Next, watch this Online Resources video to learn how to navigate our website, including Recommended Programs and the Program Search to help you identify programs of interest.

2) Meet with an Education Abroad Coordinator

Our Coordinators are available to help you navigate this process from start to finish! See more information about scheduling a meeting on the Contact Education Abroad page.

3) Meet with the Financial Aid Coordinator for Education Abroad

To start, watch the Financial Aid for Education Abroad video. Then, visit the Contact Education Abroad page for up-to-date information on open advising and scheduling an appointment with the Financial Aid for Education Abroad Coordinators. They can share information and guidance specific to your financial aid package.

4) Apply & Complete the myEdAbroad Checklist

After you meet with the Coordinators and apply to your program, you can access next steps in your myEdAbroad profile. This includes completing a Transfer Credit Form, if applicable.

5) Attend pre-departure orientation, pack, & go!

From health and safety to packing – we’ll help make sure you’re prepared.

6) Return & Connect

Your education abroad experience does not have to end just because you’ve returned to the US. Stay involved by helping at the annual Education Abroad Fair, take part in international programs and activities at CSU, and consider applying to be a Peer Advisor.