Looking for a new favorite Zoom background? Look no further – we’ve got some amazing Zoom (or other video conferencing system) backgrounds for you! And the best part about it – these photos were taken by CSU students while studying abroad. Our Fall 2020 Education Abroad Photo Contest resulted in lots of amazing photos that are just perfect for your next Zoom call. From mountaintops to castles to beaches, you can pretend you’re calling in from a different locale around the world with one simple download. Happy virtual traveling!

Instructions on how to download

Select the background photo below to open the media file, which you can right click and save as an image on your computer. You can then upload it to Zoom or other video conferencing platforms to use. If using the photos on Zoom, you will need to make sure the “Mirror my screen” option is checked (it usually is by default) so that the text appears the correct way to others. On your screen, the text will look reversed. However, don’t worry – it does look right to others!

Location: Swansea, Wales, United Kingdom

Photo by Jackson Dye

Three cliffs at Swansea, Wales, UK, zoom background

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Location: Manuel Antonio National Park, Costa Rica

Photo by Lauren Prince

Surfing at Sunset Zoom Background

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Location: Franz Josef Glacier, New Zealand

Photo by Cheryl Prazak

mountain lake zoom background

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Location: Sitges, Spain

Photo by Eunwoo Sam Jun

European city at dusk with streetlights on zoom background

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Location: Neuschwanstein Castle in Schwangau, Germany

Photo by Alyx Job

Neuschwanstein Castle Zoom background

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Location: Italian Alps seen from Torino, Italy

Photo by Michael Norwesh

Italian alps at sunset zoom background

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