Important Information and Instructions

Timely Response Required

Exchange students must personally enroll themselves in CSU classes via RAMweb online registration. Advice and assistance is available, but only the student can perform the necessary steps to be enrolled in suitable classes.

Early registration occurs early April for the fall semester and late October for the spring semester. At the beginning of each registration period, exchange students have the advantage of registering one day ahead of other students. Thereafter, adding desired classes to the student’s term schedule becomes increasingly difficult, especially for popular classes, as other students fill up the available space in each class. It is extremely important to register on time!

Using the Class Schedule and Course Catalog

Prior to registration (during the application process) exchange students can use the Class Schedule to prepare a list CSU courses in consultation with their home university. The course catalog provides class descriptions of all classes that could be taught but will not necessarily be offered each year. The catalog should only be used to get an idea of the range of classes but not used to make selections.

  • The Class Schedule is available on the CSU website in mid-February/early March for the fall semester and mid-September/early October for the spring semester. The class schedule is an accurate list of the classes that will be offered in an upcoming term and should be used to make class selections. To utilize the search function: select the appropriate Term and most students find the advanced search feature (at the top) easier to navigate.
  • The Course Catalog lists all CSU courses independent of when they are taught. A unique course number is assigned to each course, identifying the department, level, and subject. Prerequisites and other restrictions are identified when applicable. Course Numbers from the Course Catalog are helpful to efficiently use the Class Schedule. If a Course Number does not appear in the Class Schedule, that course is not available during that academic term.

Obtaining Necessary Overrides

  • Exchange students can register into classes for most foundational (100-200 level) courses without prior approval.
  • For all other courses, the applicable restrictions for prerequisites, major, college, class level, etc., must be overridden by the relevant department or instructor before a desired class can be added to the exchange student’s term schedule. These overrides must be individually requested and approved in advance by email.

Instructions and Example for Override Requests

CSU Terminology Relevant to Enrollment of Exchange Students