Apply as an International Student

Apply as an Undergraduate International Student

We encourage international students to apply early in order to allow enough time to secure a visa (up to six weeks) and to be considered for our largest international student scholarships. Colorado State University offers multiple start dates:

How to Apply

Here’s what we need to consider you for admission to Colorado State University:

  1. Application and fee: Submit an application using the CommonApp. There is a $50 fee to apply, or you can also submit an application for a fee waiver.
  2. Transcripts: Submit your most recent transcripts or mark sheets. We will ask for additional materials if necessary. All decisions are provisional until a final, official transcript verifying graduation is received.
  3. Personal Statement: Your personal statement, commonly called an essay, is your opportunity to help us understand what makes you unique beyond your grades and transcripts. Your personal statement will be reviewed during your admission decision, for consideration for any competitive majors, and international scholarships.

Additional Info

Upon applying, you’ll also be asked to submit your immigration documents (including a passport copy, immigration info form, and proof of funding). This information is not part of your admissions decision, but is necessary for immigration documents.

We’ll also ask you to show your most recent English Proficiency results.

Applicants who do not present sufficient evidence of English proficiency can be considered for conditional admission and will be referred to the Intensive English Program.

When to Apply

Fall Semester

This is the most common option for international students. The Fall semester begins in August, and the application opens on August 1 the year before you begin classes.

Spring Semester

It’s also possible to begin your undergraduate studies in January. The application opens August 1 the year prior.

Summer Semester

Some international students also choose to arrive in the U.S. and begin classes during the summer semester, which begins in May-June. However, course availability and campus resources are often more limited, so it is recommended that students opt for a Fall or Spring start whenever possible.


All undergraduate students can apply to Colorado State University using the CommonApp. Click the ‘Apply Now’ button to create an account and get started.

Apply as a Graduate International Student

The final approval for your application is made by the CSU Graduate School, but the recommendation to admit is made by the department in which you intend to study. Departments may have requirements in addition to or more stringent than those of the University. It is critical that you review the specific departmental requirements on your department’s website well in advance of the application deadline.

Fall Semester: August Start
Application opens at the beginning of September for the following summer and fall terms.

Spring Semester: January Start
Application opens at the beginning of February for the following spring term.

Deadline to Apply
Application deadline to apply varies by department. Check with your department to determine the deadline.


Find Your Program and Apply

Head to the Grad School website to find your program’s requirements and begin your application to study at Colorado State.

Apply to the Intensive English Program

Semester-long IEP sessions are structured by level (1, 2, or 3) and scheduled on semester basis following the CSU academic calendar. Students can start their IEP program at any semester.

The application for our Intensive English Program is free and easy. To get started, please follow these steps:

  1. Create your application using the ‘Apply Now‘ button below
  2. On the application page, click “Create an account” under the section titled First-time users
  3. Enter your information, including email address, name, and birthdate. You’ll then be asked to create a password.
  4. Once your account is activated, select Start New Application. Select the term (date) you wish to apply for and select the Non-Degree option (example: Fall 2023 Non-Degree). Do not select any other options. Once you have selected the Non-Degree option, you can begin your application and choose your entry term:
    1. Intensive English – 1st Session (begins in August for the Fall term and January for the Spring term)
    2. Intensive English – 2nd Session (begins in October for the Fall term, March for the Spring term)
  5. Complete each section and submit your application!