Intensive English Program

The Intensive English Program (IEP) offers high-quality, student-centered instruction and advising that prepares international students for success at Colorado State University (CSU), or other universities in the United States. The IEP creates a welcoming environment for both learning and living in a new culture, where all feel safe and supported. The IEP is accredited by the Commission on English Language Accreditation (CEA).

Application and admission to the IEP is easy. There are no application fees and the process only requires:

  • Proof of school leaving certificate and/or proof of graduation
  • A copy of your academic transcripts
  • A copy of your passport

If you are interested in joining the IEP, please let us know by requesting more information in the form below.


The IEP is for students who have basic English skills, but need more English instruction and improvement to be successful in a U.S. higher education setting. We do not offer a program for students who have no English experience.

Highlights of being an IEP student are that:

  • You will improve your English language skills.
  • You will receive academic and personal support to ensure a smooth transition to your degree-seeking plan and goals.
  • You will study alongside students from around the world who are improving their English language skills.
  • Once you successfully complete the IEP experience, you can transition directly into your degree-seeking academic courses.
  • Many students complete the Intensive English program in 1-2 semesters (one full academic year). You will be placed in the appropriate IEP level during new student orientation based on an English placement exam.

As an undergraduate student, the IEP is right for you if you fall into the following categories:

  • TOEFL (IBT) score of less than 72
  • IELTS Academic score of less than 6.0
  • Duo Lingo score of less than 100
  • ACT English/Reading scores of less than 20
  • SAT evidence-based reading and writing score of less than 520
  • No test score, but some experience with English in school or life setting
  • View the additional English proficiency requirements or waivers.

As graduate students, the English proficiency scores and requirements vary by program. Please work directly with your program. To learn more, visit the Graduate School’s website.

Students that meet or exceed the English requirements listed above may apply directly to CSU. To get started, please visit this webpage.


The IEP program is an intensive, immersive language experience that is either one, two, or three-semesters long, based on the needs of each individual student. When students start the program, they will receive personalized testing and feedback that places them in the right level of English instruction. The faculty are highly experienced and have earned advanced degrees in teaching English as an additional language. IEP courses are not CSU credit-bearing courses but rather are specifically designed for IEP students before advancing into CSU or another university. Classes are scheduled every day throughout the semester and are designed to focus on the important skills needed to be a successful university student:

  • Reading and Writing
  • Speaking and Listening
  • Grammar
  • Academic study skills

Special programs and fun events are organized throughout each semester to help IEP students connect with other students, the CSU campus and community, and enjoy the beautiful Rocky Mountains. You will love this PLACE!

Semester-Long Program Info

Semester-long IEP sessions are structured by level (1, 2, or 3) and scheduled on semester basis following the CSU academic calendar.  Students can start their IEP program at any semester. The upcoming session dates are:


Spring 2022: January 18 – May 6
Summer 2022: May – August
Fall 2022: August  – December


The IEP is very affordable and the application is free and easy. If you are interested in becoming an IEP student, please fill out the form below and a member of our team will follow up.

Per Term (Fall/Spring)Per SemesterPer Year
Estimated expenses for 2021-22
IEP program fee (tuition)*$5,600$11,200
CSU fees**$1,365$2,730
Living and personal expenses**$6,519$13,038
Other expenses (books and supplies)$300$600
Health insurance**$716$1,431
Term/semester total project cost$14,500$28,999

* This includes all tuition and fees for fully enrolled IEP students.
** Refer to this page for a more detailed breakdown of costs.

Mid-Semester Foundational Programs

Our mid-semester foundational programs are designed to help students get acclimated to the Intensive English Program while also learning more about U.S. culture, Colorado State University, and the classroom setting in general. These 8-week programs often start during the middle of the CSU academic semester and will help prepare students to advance to the full IEP program.

Upcoming foundational program courses include:


Spring 2022: Starts March 2022 *(contingent upon interest and availability)


The foundational IEP program is affordable and the application is free and easy. If you are interested in getting started with a foundational course, we encourage you to apply today.

Estimated expenses for 2021-22Per 8 Weeks
IEP program fee (tuition)*$2,800
CSU fees**$1,365
Living and personal expenses**$3,259
Other expenses (books and supplies)$300
Health insurance**$372
Term/semester total project cost$8,096



Sponsored Students

We work with many government and private sponsors worldwide to provide English language to small and large student cohorts. We always work with our sponsors to make sure that students are meeting credit hour requirements, progressing within our coursework, and maintaining their standing at CSU. If you work with a sponsoring organization and would like to discuss partnership opportunities, please contact us at

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