English and Culture Program

Intensive English & Culture Summer Program

When: Sunday, July 23, to Monday, August 5, 2023

This program is open to students interested in an immersive United States university experience focused on English, Culture, and additional topics.

The program will be hosted by PLACE (Programs for Learning Academic and Community English), which is the home for English language instruction and training at CSU.

Additional details and registration information can be found below.

Course and Program Descriptions

Academic English for Grammar
This course focuses on grammar within the context of reading, writing, speaking, and listening. At the highest level, students are focusing on structures such as hedging, parallel structure, and adjective clauses.

Academic English for Reading & Writing
In this class, students learn strategies for reading comprehension and learn how to express ideas and opinions in their writing. While particular outcomes vary by level, at our advanced level students are reading academic articles and research papers with abstract ideas and cultural references. Students then integrate information from these articles into their own writing, which includes essays of various genres, such as cause-effect, compare-contrast, and persuasive.

Academic English for Listening & Speaking
This course, like all PLACE courses, uses the communicative language approach and integrates authentic materials into every lesson. Students at the highest level are listening to academic lectures, podcasts, and other authentic audio, which features colloquialisms and idiomatic language. Furthermore, students take on a leadership role through presentations, discussions, debates, and other activities.

College/Program Tour

PLACE will organize a college/department tour based on students’ area of interest and/or major. During the tour, students will be able to see the facilities and resources of the department building and talk with current student ambassadors to learn their experience from a student’s perspective.

Cultural Activities

Since a large part of studying abroad is to learn more about that culture, PLACE will organize weekly cultural activities for the participants to engage with the local culture, as well as the broader U.S. culture.

Specific day trips may include Fort Collins downtown tour, movie night, ice skating, a brewery tour, and some activities that for all the international students at CSU.



Students will stay in the on-campus residence hall during the program, so they will get full experience living on campus with other students. The on-campus residence hall provides free Wi-Fi, towels, linens, pillows, and on-campus parking. Each residence hall has common space which includes a lobby, TV lounge, kitchen, game room, and more.

All meals are included in the cost of the program. Students will eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner on campus during class days in the university dining halls by swiping their student ID cards. When participating in full-day cultural activities, meals will be provided.


PLACE provides transportation to all program-sponsored activities, via either university vans or the City of Fort Collins Transfort bus system.

Participants will be responsible for their own airfare to the United States The closest airport to Fort Collins is Denver International Airport.  PLACE will provide airport pick-up and drop-off for all student groups.

Sample Itinerary