On January 21st, the Confucius Institute at Colorado State University (CICSU) held its annual Spring Festival Gala at the Lincoln Center in Fort Collins, featuring performers from Southwest University School of Music and Colorado State University School of Music, Theatre & Dance.

Nearly 1,200 audience members celebrated the most important Chinese festival at the Lincoln Center, a performance venue close to the Colorado State University campus. The gala was centered around promoting traditional Chinese culture, uniquely integrated Western art, and performances in folk music, songs, dance and other forms. The audience was excited by the gorgeous costumes, fascinating light and sound, and fabulous performances. The joint performance by Southwest University School of Music and CSU School of Music, Theatre & Dance well demonstrated the two universities’ friendship, which is strong in cooperation with scientific research and student exchange programs.

CICSU holding the Spring Festival Gala each year not only brings warmth to the local Chinese Americans, but also shares the Chinese culture with the local community.

Consul General Lei Hong of the Consulate-General of the People’s Republic of China in Chicago gave the new year wishes to the audience through a recorded video; Counsellor Miss Yinghui Chen of Education Department of Consulate-General of the People’s Republic of China in Chicago, Mayor of Fort Collins Mr. Wade Troxell, CSU Provost Rick Miranda, CICSU Director Wei Gao, President of Southwest University Weiguo Zhang and Dean of Southwest University School of Music Zheng Maoping delivered speeches respectively and offered New Year wishes.