New Year Greeting     新年贺词

Chorus: “Happy New Year”, “Jasmine” and “Where is Spring” by Huaxin Chinese Schoolchildren
少儿合唱  《新年好》《茉莉花》《春天在哪里》华星中文学校

Poem Reading by Confucius Institute at CSU & Students     诗歌朗诵    科罗拉多州立大学孔院职工及学员

Piano solo: “Silver Clouds Chasing the Moon”, “Clair de Lune” and “Celebrating Our New Life” by Lei Weng     钢琴独奏   翁雷

Dance: “Seven Sense” by China Scholars and Students Association     舞蹈   《七朵》中国学者学生会

Erhu Performance: “Er Quan Ying Yue” by Shuxin Zhang     二胡独奏 《二泉映月》 张树欣

Face Changing by Liu Chunnuan     变脸   刘春暖

Solo: “You Raise Me Up” and “Borrow Another 500 Years from the Heavens” by Yanzhou Xu
男声独唱  《您鼓舞了我》《向天再借五百年》 徐彦洲

Dance: “Little Apple” and “ Rugged Mountain Path” by Huaxing Chinese School     舞蹈  《小苹果》《山路十八弯》华新中文学校

Kun Opera Excerpt The Peony Pavilion: “A Stroll in the Garden” by Linghui, Tu & Shijun Cheng
昆剧《牡丹亭·游园》  涂玲慧  程世君

Chinese Acrobatics: Plate Spinning by Rui Zhang     中国杂技《转碟》 张瑞

Chorus: “Tomorrow Will Be Even Better”,“Hand in Hand” and “Friends” by CSU Chinese Club     中文歌曲合唱 中文会

Tai Chi & Qigong by Yun Xiang Tseng and Students     太极 气功 表演   曾永祥等

Solo: “Songs Flying Over the World” by Xiaohan Wang      女声独唱 《大地飞歌》王笑菡

Chinese Acrobatics: Barrel Contortion by Rui Zhang    中国杂技《钻桶》张瑞

Beijing Opera Excerpt: “Stealing the Magical Herb” by Linghui Tu, Chunnuan Liu and Yingxin Ren
京剧《盗仙草》    涂玲慧 刘春暖 任迎新

Chorus: “Unforgettable Tonight” by Entire Cast     结束歌曲《难忘今宵》全体演员