Laurel Bond

Senior Instructor


Berthoud, Colorado

Job Responsibilities:

Teach Academic English, teach graduate courses in STEM Communication and introduction to research.


M.A. English, TESL/TEFL from Colorado State University;
B.A. English Language and Literature, Colorado State University;
B.A. Languages, Literatures, and Cultures, Spanish from Colorado State University;
Professional Teaching Certificate (equivalent to B.S., Western Colorado University): English Language Arts (7-12) & Linguistically Diverse Education (K-12), Colorado Department of Education

International Experience:

Traveled in 15 different countries; have taught students from many walks of life from around the world; served as the migrant community liaison for the Weld Re-9 School District providing adult language and community education.

Favorite Aspect of CSU:

The friendly and supportive campus community near the mountains and amazing opportunities academically and through student organizations.