Armen Ghazaryan

Armen Ghazaryan


PhD in Agricultural and Resource Economics

Why did you decide to attend CSU?

The main deciding factor for me was the fact that some of the professors whose research I really like and who I wanted to work with are faculty in the department of Agricultural and Resource Economics at CSU. In addition, since PhD programs generally take a few years, other factors such as campus facilities, climate, nature, surrounding areas and, of course, safety of the city were also very important.

Could you tell us about your arrival experience at CSU?

CSU, the Office of International Programs and my department did an excellent job at providing all the necessary information prior to my arrival. Once I arrived in Fort Collins, the orientation week and all the seminars were organized so professionally and everyone was so welcoming and friendly that I immediately realized I had made a great choice coming to CSU. I also have to mention that besides CSU, this town is also extremely friendly and cozy and regardless of its small size it has everything one needs.

Could you tell us about getting an on campus job?

When applying to my department I had mentioned that I wanted to be either a research or teaching assistant during my PhD program. Luckily enough I was offered a research assistantship which made it possible for me to actually come to CSU. I am very thankful for this opportunity as it allows me to get a hands on experience in my field by assisting my advisor with his research.

What advice would you give to other students who are considering CSU?

One thing that I have already noticed is that CSU is a really good place for maintaining a healthy study-work-life balance. So, if it is important for students who are considering CSU, I would advise them to definitely try to enjoy everything that CSU, Fort Collins and Colorado have to offer. Work/study hard but also devote some time to exploring this wonderful state by hiking, climbing, skiing, snowboarding, biking, walking and all other means.

What do you want people to know about your home country?

I am very proud to be from Armenia because it is one of the ancient countries in the world with its own unique alphabet and language. The nature and climate of Armenia are extremely similar to those of Colorado (which is also why I feel like home in Fort Collins :)) With its wonderful nature, extremely hospitable people, many prehistoric archaeological sites, churches and temples that date back to the first century as well as modern cafes, bars, restaurants and delicious food Armenia pleases everyone’s taste. Many of my friends who have come to Armenia once (without having any expectations) then visit it again and again.