Apichart Vasutapituks

Apichart Vasutapituks


Ph.D. Degree in Electrical Engineering

Why did you decide to study at CSU?

CSU has high performance professors and staff, the rankings are pretty good in the U.S. CSU also focuses on classroom and research. I can balance between studying and doing some fun activities at CSU. The university is located in Fort Collins, which is in the top ten ranking of the best cities to live in. The city has a good environment and nice people. I’m so proud of being a CSU student.

What academic accomplishment are you most proud of?

The course work in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) is so strong and challenging, so they help me to improve my research skills for both theoretical and practical concepts. The ECE students who major in bachelors, masters, and doctoral degrees have a high ability to work, so they can find a good job and a high salary. Nevertheless, other majors in CSU have the excellent standard of education to enhance the student ability for careers.

What are your favorite activities/clubs in Fort Collins?

My favorite sports are soccer and basketball. I usually play soccer with my friend at CSU three times a week. I also love hiking and skiing, with trips arranged by the Office of International Programs. I spend every Friday evening on Friday Afternoon Club party at I-House. I can spend a lot of time on many activities that I want. For academic activities, I always attend the ISTEC seminar (http://istec.colostate.edu) that invites premier speakers both in the U.S. and outside. Including the ECE, CS, and the Inverse Problem seminar by Department of Mathematics, the seminars help me to improve my knowledge and to upgrade to new technology for doing research. A lot of seminars and programs are very interesting for student life in university supported by CSU.

What advice would you give to other students who are considering CSU?

CSU is the biggest public research university in the U.S., which has both good research and good education for the undergraduate and graduate schools. There are the numerous outstanding science and social science programs at CSU for students who are interested in any field and who want to develop their skills and knowledge for professional careers. Come to CSU and you see a high standard university with the good student life.

What do you want people to know about your home country?

Thailand is located in the South East Asia. I live in Phuket Island in southern Thailand, which is a popular tourist place. Many people around the world visit Phuket for its beautiful beaches and seas. Phang Nga, Krabi and Stun are also nice places for traveling. The Similan and Surin islands are for diving and snorkeling to see under sea animals. Northern Thailand has mountains covered by fog almost all day and beautiful scenery. Bangkok, Pataya, Pai, and Hua Hin are popular places for people around the world. Thailand is in the center of the South East Asia.