Indonesian student on the CSU oval



PLACE Bridge Program (formerly INTO CSU Graduate Pathway)

Why did you choose CSU?

“I think Fort Collins is a good place to study. It is safe, it has 300 days of sunshine and I can go to Denver to enjoy the city life there. CSU has a lot of resources that can help international students, and I use the writing center to help me with my papers.”

What surprised you the most about studying at CSU?

“The first time I came to Fort Collins, I expected the university to look like New York, Chicago or other big cities. I think that this is a really good environment to study compared to the big city. If I go to a big school to study, I will just spend all of my time hanging out with friends. Here I still have time to hang out with friends, especially over the weekend, and I can still go to Denver to enjoy a big city.”

What do you like to do in your free time?

“I like to go to the trails because Fort Collins has a lot of them. I like to run and bike with my friends and see a lot of the beautiful scenery. I bring my camera, too, and take pictures.”

What goals do you have for the future?

“I have to finish my studies here and then after that I will go back to Indonesia. I will work for my institutions and develop my own business. I learned that there are a lot of changes that happen here, but not in Indonesia, so it’s going be a good change when I get to Indonesia with the experiences I have had in the U.S.”

What advice do you have for future PLACE students?

“It’s been a really great place to study and they also have really great services. They have excellent advisors to talk with you about your classes and in case you have any problems. Also, don’t forget to expand your international network because at INTO CSU [now called PLACE] you can find a diverse student population that comes from many countries. It’s a good place to mingle and also find new friends from around the world.”