Pre-Arrival (Chinese Version)

Congratulations on becoming a student at Colorado State University!

A warm welcome to you for choosing Colorado State University (CSU) for further study. Here are some steps you need to complete as soon as possible after admission. Please read and complete them carefully:

(1) Confirmation of admission

For students enrolled in the fall, CSU’s system for confirming admissions and paying deposits will be closed on July 1st. Please enter the online application system before July 1st, find Tell Us Your Plans, and select a deposit. If you are a semester or one year exchange program (VIP Program), you do not need to confirm your admission or pay a deposit. If you choose not to study at CSU, please email Cheng Ying – and choose not to accept offers in the application system.

(2) Apply for EID

Please apply for your EID through this website:

The EID is equivalent to your passport at the CSU. After applying, you will get a mailbox for the CSU. EIDs are required to apply for dormitories, register for orientation, and submit vaccine records in the next steps. Please apply as soon as possible and remember your account password.

(3) Apply for accommodation


You must apply for the Residence Hall of the school, which includes different room and board packages, see Rates and Application. ANY 10, ANY 14, ANY 21 indicates how many meals per week can be eaten in the school cafeteria. After applying, you will receive an email to submit an application confirmation. After the room is allocated, you will receive information about the specific room allocation. Please confirm and pay the deposit.

CSU has a total of 12 student dormitory buildings. Please check the name of the dormitory when you check-in, and check in at the front desk of the dormitory. The residence hall of the school is usually open on Thursday of the week before the start of the school, but Early Check-in is available for international students. The earliest can be checked in on Saturday of the week before the International Student Orientation. The daily payment is US $ 60, including dormitory during the early check-in period. And three meals. Students registered for International Student Orientation will automatically enter the Early Check-in list.

2 + 2 Program Students

You can apply for CSU’s brand new apartment (Aggie Village). Specific room types, facilities, prices and application links can be found at Aggie Village Apartments. Be sure to apply before June 14th, after June 14th, there will be no guarantee for apartment housing on campus. Please pay attention to check the apartment allocation emails after application, you must confirm within 5 days after receiving the emails, otherwise the rooms will be allocated to other students. Please select Move-in Date according to the flight arrival time. If you need to adjust, please contact Apartment Life in time: You need to bring your own basic bedding, which can at least solve the problem of going to bed on the first day, and you can buy other items at your local supermarket upon arrival. To choose between on-campus and off-campus apartments, please refer to the analysis of advantages and disadvantages below.

Campus Apartment – Aggie Village


  1. Aggie Village renters live with CSU students, and most of them are American students. They can also interact with American students, improve their language skills, and understand campus culture.
  2. Organize regular events to enrich the lives of students living in Aggie Village.
  3. Student life and study facilities and resources are complete, the apartment has a front desk to help.
  4. If there is an emergency, the relevant school department will deal with it in time.
  5. If due to objective reasons such as graduation, you must move out before the expiry of the contract without paying a penalty; the rent listed on the website includes all water, electricity, gas, internet, garbage disposal and other costs.
  6. All rooms include basic furniture and appliances, which can be accommodated.


  1. Except for single rooms, the rest of the room types do not have separate bathrooms, and need to share the bathroom with 1-2 roommates.
  2. For students who intend to buy a car, parking spaces are limited, and the period for applying for a parking space is longer.
  3. The geographical location is the southernmost part of the school. For students who need to go to the north of the school, it takes about 15-20 minutes to walk.

Off-Campus Housing


  1. Wide selection, you can choose the nearest apartment according to the main class location.
  2. Many off-campus apartments have separate toilets in the rooms.
  3. There are enough parking spaces for residents in the off-campus apartments.
  4. If you are willing to take the bus or buy a car yourself, the rent of the apartment far from the school will be relatively cheap.


  1. Off-campus apartments are open for rent by everyone, with lower security than on-campus apartments.
  2. The deposit for most off-campus apartment applications is 3 times or more than the on-campus apartment.
  3. Regardless of subjective or objective reasons, if you need to leave early during the contract period, you need to pay a penalty.
  4. Water and electricity network costs need to be paid separately.

(4) Applying for a visa

The visa application requires a U.S. contact phone to fill in Cheng Ying’s office phone: 970-491-6504; the school address can be filled in the address on I20: Office of International Programs, Laurel Hall, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO 80523.

The Admission Office will send an email to the new students about the Webinar / Video Presentation of the Immigration Process, which includes information about obtaining an I20, visa appointment, and interview considerations. Students who have not received, please contact me at and I will let the Admission Office send you a link.

Common Reasons for F-1 Visa Refusal – Be Sure to Avoid

  1. Not enough funds to prove
  2. Cannot prove that you will return to China after completing your studies
  3. Counterfeit material
  4. Poor English language skills
  5. Missing material or incorrect material information
  6. Improper behavior during interview
  7. Can’t say clearly which university and major to go to
  8. Background checks are not substantial

Interview Small TIPs:

  1. Prove that you can return to China after completing your studies, and have close ties with China, such as domestic family, property, investment, etc.
  2. The interview process requires fluent English
  3. Don’t bring your family or friends to the interview, you need to make the interviewer feel that you are independent
  4. Understand your major and how it relates to your future career plan, so that the interviewer thinks you are indeed learning knowledge, not for immigration
  5. Have concise answers
  6. Bring all the required documents for visa application, see the visa application website for details.
  7. Due to the relatively large number of immigrants from China who are currently working in the United States, the visa officer may ask you about your work plan after graduation. You must not say that you plan to stay in the United States to work, and do not reveal any ideas that you want to work during your studies.
  8. Communication with the interviewer should be decent, and there must be no verbal conflict.

(5) ORIENTATION and contact the instructor

Direct Admission

  1. Register for International Ram Orientation at The term for each semester is Tuesday and Wednesday of the week before the semester begins.
  2. After registering for International Ram Orientation, you will receive an email about Pre-Online Orientation, log in to complete all modules in it, and after completion, you will get the contact information of your Academic Advisor (or a link to find Academic Advisor) . Please read the information in the Pre-Online Orientation Module carefully, it contains a lot of important information related to school and course selection.
  3. Actively contact your Academic Advisor to inquire about the Advising Code and course selection.

Note: For other courses of 2 + 2 students, you must wait for the completion of transfer credits before the academic advisor can arrange courses for you based on your transfer credits.

For all questions related to your course, please actively contact your academic advisor!

Conditional Admission

You don’t need to do Pre-online Orientation and Rams Orientation for International Students, you only need to participate in INTO’s Orientation, the specific arrangements INTO will send you an email. INTO Orientation starts on Monday, one week before the start of school.

(6) Health and Vaccines

Colorado State University’s student vaccine requirements and insurance requirements please read the “New Student Checklist” carefully and complete or submit before each deadline.

Required and completed sections are:

  • Submit Immunizations Records
  • Complete Health Forms
  • Fulfill Health Insurance Requirement
  • Complete Required Online Modules: AlcoholEdu and Sexual Assault Prevention (Conditional admission students do not need to complete this part)

The other parts can be done selectively.

Vaccines and medical records can be obtained from your local International Travel Health Care Center. After scanning, upload according to the requirements in the above Checklist.

(7) Airport Pick-up and Temporary Accommodation

Airport Pickup

CSU China Student Association (CSSA), China Projects Office and International Student Scholars Office will arrange pick-up before the beginning of autumn each year, usually on the weekend before International Student Orientation. Let students who have just arrived at Denver Airport feel welcome and the enthusiasm of CSU Chinese students. Students who have not booked a flight try to purchase a flight that arrives at Denver Airport before 8pm that weekend. The specific registration information will be notified by mail and WeChat group in June. The registration channel will be opened in early July. Please pay attention when you check mail. If you do not arrive in Denver on that weekend, you can book an airport shuttle at You can make an appointment online and they will take you directly from the airport to your school, dormitory or hotel. The cost is around $ 50. Just in case, you better write down the address you are going to and bring it with you.

Temporary Accommodation

Please try to arrive after the dormitory or apartment is open. If you have already purchased a flight ticket and cannot solve the housing problem temporarily due to your check-in time and other reasons, you can sign up for the Temporary Housing provided by ISSS. You can stay at the home of a local resident and provide free accommodation for 3-5 days. Students who only need 1 night or extra 4 nights of temporary accommodation contact the Student Union.

Hotels near the school are also another option. The two closest ones are Best Western and Hilton. Students and parents who need them should book as soon as possible, because the hotel’s availability will be tight during the school year.


  1. Please do not use the QQ mailbox to send emails to CSU. It may directly enter the spam email without receiving a reply. It is best to use your registered mailbox at CSU to contact the school departments. When sending an email, please indicate that you are a China Partner Student, and write your name and CSUID so that the teacher can check your situation.
  2. After applying for an eID, I have a CSU email (usually @ It is recommended to check your email once a day. Some school-related information and important school information are delivered via email. If the school mailbox cannot be opened in China, please bind this mailbox to your usual mailbox. Make sure you can send and receive school mail.
  3. It is recommended to share the WeChat signal of your friends who came to CSU with you or the roommate who lived with you after coming to CSU, in case of any unexpected events, you need to contact each other.
  4. On the weekend of the first week of the school year, the China Affairs Association will organize shopping at malls and Asian supermarkets. The products that can be purchased include but are not limited to clothes, shoes, electronics, skin care products, Chinese vegetables, seasonings, hot pot bases, meats. , Tableware, etc. Don’t bring too many duplicate items from the country. Daily necessities such as laundry detergent, dishwashing liquid, toilet paper, garbage bags, and toiletries can be purchased at supermarkets near the school.
  5. If you encounter any questions, please communicate with Cheng Ying or the relevant department of the school in time, and we will try our best to help solve them.

Finally, Colorado State University is located in the city of Fort Collins in northern Colorado, USA. It is a quiet, safe, comfortable and friendly small and medium-sized city. Fort Collins was named one of the top ten healthy cities in the United States in 2015 and ranked third among the 50 most habitable university cities in the United States. You will love studying and living at CSU.

We look forward to your arrival at CSU!