Be with OIP Virtual Meetup

Welcome to Be with OIP, our virtual meetups open to international and internationally-minded students and scholars. We look forward to meeting you all at upcoming virtual meetups!

Upcoming Virtual Meetups


Previous Virtual Meetups

Trivia Night

Various dates (April 2020 – present)

Zoom-ba with Education Abroad Peer Advisors

Wednesday May 13 | 6 p.m. Mountain Time

We’ll be doing a Zumba workout to get our muscles working and then have a discussion about how to stay healthy when abroad or traveling. These tips should be useful for this stay-at-home time, too!

Tea & Coffee Hour

Wednesday May 6 | 2 p.m. Mountain Time

Wednesday April 22  |  2 p.m. Mountain Time

Grab a mug of tea or coffee and take a break from your studies to unwind and chat.