Before You Graduate

Please check the Going Home Checklist before you graduate and leave CSU.

We would like to keep in touch with you after your graduation. Please fill out the China Partner Students Graduation Form.

To get your diploma and official transcript, please make sure:

  • You meet all your graduation requirements.
  • Your balance is 0.00 on your billing statement, which means you don’t own any money to CSU.
  • You don’t have any holds on your account.


Your diploma will be mailed to you after your graduation ceremony. It usually take about 30 days for you to receive your diploma if the mailing address is in the United States. It takes longer if it’s an international address. The diploma is generated by an authorized organization off-campus. You have three options for getting your diploma.

Option 1

If you remain in the U.S. for approximately 30 business days after the end of the term, you may be able to pick up your diploma from the university before leaving the country. Please email before your graduation to let her know if this would apply to you so they can arrange for diploma pick-up from the Registrar’s Office.

If you are leaving the U.S. right after graduation, your diploma will be mailed by normal United States Postal airmail to the international address you have on RamWeb. Keep in mind there is no tracking number when the diploma is mailed in this manner, which can be a problem if it is lost in the mail. Many times diplomas mailed by this method do not pass through customs successfully and never reach their destination.

Option 2

If you wish your diploma to be mailed in the most secure method, you could choose it to be sent by UPS. This is the most reliable and secure and a tracking number is always provided to the student. There is, however, a $170 fee associated with this method of shipping for which the student would be responsible.

If you think option 1 (paragraph 2) is too risky and option 2 is too expensive, here is another option you can consider.

Option 3

You can ask to have the diploma sent to CSU Registrar’s Office and have it picked up by a trusted friend; then, ask your friend to mail it to you through international shipping with a tracking number. If you choose to use option 3, please email to You can use the email template below.


My name is XXX. My CSU ID is XXX. I am graduating in the spring 2019. I would like to have my diploma sent to CSU. Since I won’t be in the U.S. by that time, I would like to have my friend, XXX to pick up my diploma from the Registrar’s Office. His/her email address is XXX; CSUID is XXX. 

Thank you!

Your Name

Official Transcript

If you are 2+X program student, CSU will mail your official transcript to the Shanghai office after your graduation and Shanghai office will distribute to your home institution so your home institution will know you have graduated from CSU.

If you need your official transcript to apply for graduate school or job application, please order it through RamWeb.