Poster Session

Wednesday, November 15 | 4:45 – 6:30 P.M.
Lory Student Center Ballroom B

Poster Abstracts

1. Stacy Lynn, Amanda Morrison and Mike Ryan
Poster Session Introduction and Roadmap

NREL Programs

2. Stacy Lynn and Jensen Morgan
Skills for Undergraduate participation in Ecological Research (SUPER) Program

3. Aparna Bamzai‐Dodson, Jill Lackett, Robin O’Malley and Dennis Ojima
The North Central Climate Science Center: Delivering actionable science to help fish, wildlife, water, land, and people adapt to a changing climate

4. Shannon Spencer, Stephen Ogle, Keith Paustian, Steve Del Grosso, Bill Parton, F. Jay Breidt, Cody Alsaker, Guhan Dheenadayalan, Chris Dorich, Ram Gurung, Ken Killian, Ernie Marx, Amy Swan and Steve Williams
National Greenhouse Gas Inventory for Agricultural Lands

5. Greg Newman and Russell Scarpino Helping you do great science

6. Rod Simpson

Climate Change

7. Alannah Liebert, Dennis Ojima and Robert Flynn
Identifying Climate Impacts on Vulnerable Species: Assessment of Vandenberg AFB and the California Red Legged Frog

8. Mitchell Ralson
Identifying temporal algal community shifts using a sedimentary eDNA approach in The Loch sub‐alpine lake

9. Hollie Skibstead and Stacy Lynn
Influence of climate variability on Samburu pastoralism

10. Maosi Chen, John M. Davis, Chaoshun Liu, Zhibin Sun, Melina Maria Zempila and Wei Gao
Using Deep Recurrent Neural Network for direct beam solar irradiance cloud screening

11. Steven Filippelli, Michael Falkowski, Andrew Hudak and Patrick Fekety
Mapping Woodland Biomass in the Pacific Northwest by Scaling from NAIP to Landsat

12. Isabella Oleksy
Is there a history of eutrophication preserved in the sediments of The Loch, Rocky Mountain National Park?

13. Megan Machmuller, Laurel Lynch, Francesca Cotrufo, Eldor Paul, Francisco Calderon, Gus Shaver and Matthew Wallenstein
Tracking the fate of carbon in a rapidly changing Arctic ecosystem

14. Yao Zhang, Ernie Marx, Stephen Williams, Ram Gurung, Stephen Ogle, Radley Horton, Daniel Bader and Keith Paustian
Management adaptation and practice changes using current available technology to mitigate CO2 emissions from agricultural soil in the US Corn Belt under climate change

Ecosystem Management

15. Conrad Marshall
Identifying and mapping problematic plant species within community‐based conservancies in northern Kenya

16. Samantha Mosier, Francesca Cotrufo, Keith Paustian and Christian Davies
The Sustainability of Using Loblolly Pine Plantations as a Biofuel Feedstock: Soil carbon stocks across different soil types and management intensities

17. Guhan Sivakami, Shannon Spencer and Stephen Ogle
Estimating Regional and National‐Scale Greenhouse Gas Emissions in the Agriculture, Forestry, and Other Land Use (AFOLU) Sector using the ‘Agricultural and Land Use (ALU) Tool’

18. Anthony Vorster, Paul Evangelista and Atticus Stovall
Biomass Estimate Variability between Allometric Equations from Tree to Landscape Scale

19. Sara E. Simonson
Monitoring and anticipating the effects of climate change in a high elevation snow system: A summary of repeat vegetation surveys in the Senator Beck Basin, CO, 2004‐2017

20. Alix Messer
Land Use through Pastoralism, Cultivation, and Natural Resource Use in Simanjiro, Tanzania

21. Zhibin Sun, Ni‐Bin Chang and Wei Gao
Using neural networks for water quality monitoring

22. E. Fernandez‐Tschieder, J. Marshall and D. Binkley
Estimating belowground carbon partitioning at tree level using phloem carbon isotopes and transpiration

Wildlife Management

23. Ashley Foster and Stacy Lynn
People, Wildlife and Conservation in Samburu County, Kenya

24. Arianna Punzalan
Predicting Condor Range Expansion to Reduce Development Threats

Ecosystem Science Literacy

25. Ellen Eisenbeis, Greg Newman, Stacy Lynn, Sarah Newman and Russell Scarpino
How Citizen Science Project Traits Impact Data Usability

26. Sarah Whipple, Kitrea Takata‐Glushkoff and Parker Hopkins
Engaging Students in Citizen Science and Biodiversity Research

Food & Water Security

27. Leanne Makens, Catherine Stewart, Elizabeth Pruessner
The Impacts of Polyculture vs. Monoculture on Soil Aggregation and Soil Organic Carbon

28. John Hammond
Snowmelt and rainfall partitioning through the critical zone varies by climate type

29. Kevin Brown
Snow Depth Measurement via Automated Image Recognition

Sustainable Communities

30. Sara Hines
Women’s Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Medicinal Practices in Samburu County, Kenya

31. Hannah Dresang
Social‐Ecological Dynamics of Pollinators and Pastoralists in Simanjiro, Tanzania

32. Cara Steger
Collaborative Social‐Ecological Models for Adaptive Conservation in the Ethiopian Highlands

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