Dongxiao Yang

Dongxiao Yang_smallDongxiao Yang is a Ph.D. student from China and a visiting scholar in the College of Business at Colorado State University. He majored in statistics for his bachelor’s degree at Shandong University and due to his excellent grades, he was then admitted into the master’s program in financial engineering at Shandong University without an examination. While studying for his master’s at Shandong University, he transferred to Tilburg University in the Netherlands where he received his master’s degree with distinction and honors in quantitative finance in 2014. After that, during his second year in a Ph.D. program in Shandong University as a finance major, he became a visiting scholar at Colorado State University and was awarded the Chinese Government Scholarship in 2015.

Dongxiao’s research interests are theoretical finance. He has one paper with Professor P.M. Kort: “Firms’ Investment Decision under Uncertainty: A Study Based on Dynamic Circular City Model,” accepted by The 10th Conference on Industrial Economics and Economic Theory. He then extended his interests to empirical quantitative finance, using financial models to analyze price movement, especially in the field of price dynamics and volatility of assets. Now he is working with Dr. Hong Miao on a paper titled “Index Futures: An Angel or a Devil? — The role played by the index futures on the Chinese Stock Market.”

Ultimately, Dongxiao would like to study the price movement of financial assets. Also, he is looking forward to building connections between CSU and Shandong University all the time, hoping more Chinese students can have the chance to study in CSU and more US international students can study and become familiar with China.

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