Critical Knowledge Gaps in Soil Organic Matter Dynamics for Monitoring Soil C

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 14 | 10:45 A.M. – 12:15 P.M.
Lory Student Center Room 382

Our view of soil organic matter dynamics is rapidly changing with new techniques and methods for analyzing soils. A better appreciation of SOM transformations and stabilization have emerged with studies clarifying the role of aggregate dynamics, saturation, pyrogenic carbon, priming, dissolved organic matter, temperature responses, and erosion. Ultimately these advances are creating opportunities to more accurately model and monitor soil C and instill confidence in the policy community that managers can sequester C and mitigate GHG emissions, which has been promised by scientists for years. This panel will explore these concepts and the latest frontiers in an area that could lead to improved understanding in the next decade.

Organizer and Moderator: Dr. Stephen Ogle, NREL Senior Research Scientist


  • Dr. Jeff Baldock, CSIRO (Australia)
  • Dr. Francesca Cotrufo, Professor, Soil and Crop Sciences, CSU
  • Dr. Serita Frey, Professor, Natural Resources, University of New Hampshire
  • Dr. Johannes Lehmann, Professor, Soil and Crop Sciences, Cornell University
  • Dr. Keith Paustian, Professor, Soil and Crop Sciences, CSU; NREL Senior Research Scientist

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