Office of International Programs Participates in first Graduate Student Showcase

2015 Colorado State University Graduate Student Showcase Awards

Chad Hoseth, Nuray Packard, Audrey Eck, Ryan Roberts, Hannah Smith, Tammi Vacha-Haase, Lauren Menger

On February 25, more than 300 graduate students participated in the first-ever Graduate Student Showcase, a one-day conference at the Lory Student Center. The event provided students from Colorado State University’s 90 graduate programs with the opportunity to present their research, connect with students and faculty across disciplines, and receive recognition for their work. The day began with poster presentations, artwork and performances, continued with presentations and talks by graduate students, faculty, and community partners, and concluded with an awards ceremony.

During afternoon breakout sessions, the Office of International Programs hosted “Innovation through Global Partnerships: Establishing and Enabling International Collaborations,” a panel discussion about international research opportunities for CSU students and faculty. Panelists included Chad Hoseth from the Office of International Programs, Scot Allen from the Office of the Vice President for Research, Mary Swanson from the Office for Undergraduate Research and Artistry, and Eric Rounds, a master’s student in the Department of Anthropology.

OIP also sponsored three Global Impact Awards – two for research and one for artistry and creativity. Each award recipient received a $500 cash prize.

“This is the first time we have offered anything like this for graduate students,” said Jodie Hanzlik, Dean of the Graduate School. “And by their response, there was definitely a need. We are pleased to be able to offer this type of venue to support their research, scholarship, and creativity. The day’s events provided an excellent opportunity to enhance collaboration across departments, as well as networking across the campus.”

Global Impact Awards

Global Research

The Global Research Award honors a graduate student, or student team, that demonstrates an active commitment to making a global impact through research. Examples might include field research that was conducted at an international location, research that was accomplished by partnering with an international organization or institution, or research that has the capacity to address a significant global challenge.

Promoting Psychosocial Health and Empowerment among Sex Workers in Nepal
Lauren Menger
Abstract: Female commercial sex workers (FCWSs) in Nepal are vulnerable to an array of occupational hazards and have been found to have poor psychosocial health and a low sense of personal agency. In collaboration with a non-governmental organization (NGO), a brief peer education intervention was piloted to promote psychosocial health and empowerment among FCSWs in Kathmandu. Exit interviews were conducted with nine of the ten peer educators and two NGO field staff to collect in-depth feedback regarding the training and peer educator teaching experiences. This presentation provides and overview of the program and a snapshot of the exit interview findings.

Ecotourism to Fund Conservation in the Peruvian Amazon
Audrey Ek, Ryan Roberts and Hannah Smith
Human Dimensions in Natural Resources
Abstract: The purpose of our project is to explore alternative markets to fund a REDD+ initiative in the Tambopata National Reserve, Madre de Dios, Peru. We examined the feasibility of local stakeholders in the tourism sector purchasing carbon credits. After analyzing responses from international tourists who had visited the reserve and tour operators doing business in the buffer zone of the reserve, we determined that there is an interest in carbon market participation. Due to the oversupply of carbon credits on the voluntary market, and the constant supply of tourists visiting the area, this market should be further explored.


Global Artistry and Creativity

The Global Artistry and Creativity Award honors a graduate student, or student team, that demonstrates an active commitment to making a global impact through an artistic or creative endeavor. Examples might include recognizing a specific culture or art form worldwide through the visual arts, performing arts, or another creative medium.

Nuray Packard
Art and Art History
Abstract: In my drawing and paintings, I tend to analyze and attempts to understand certain cultures in scientific and historic terms in order to make statements about memory and identity; because I believe memories have some contribution to our identity, as we build on them when creating new memories. In my studies, I research artists from the last hundred years, replicating their technique in my own compositions. I draw spontaneously to capture fluid motion and energy. I expect the view to experience the work on their own.