Layla Malander

Senior Instructor

Job Responsibilities

Teaching English as a second language to international students who need to improve their English language so that they get accepted at an American university.


Haifa, Israel


B.A. English Language and Literature and Teaching English as a Second Language Certificate, Haifa University, Israel.

MDiv in Pastoral Care and Counseling, SBTS, Louisville, Kentucky.

International Experience

As an international person myself, I know firsthand what it entails to be an international student since I studied in the USA for three and a half years, and I, currently, teach ESL at CSU. I also lived in Israel, taught ESL to high school students, travelled to many European and north African countries, and met different people from the Middle East. I also have experience working with a variety of people interpreting to them from English to Arabic or Hebrew and vice versa.

Favorite Aspect of CSU

I love and appreciate having the Office of International program as part of CSU because it shows how much the university cares about having international students and provides them with a plethora of opportunities to help them adjust to their new lives, reach their potential and achieve their goals.