Kristine Ewan headshot

Kristine Ewan (she/her/hers)

Graphic Designer and Communications Coordinator

Job Responsibilities

Develop graphic designs for communications projects and coordinate logistics related to communication work for events, services and programs.


Fort Collins, Colorado


A.D. in Accounting/CPS Certificate

International Experience

Kristine studied abroad in France. One of her favorite interests is travel and culture. She has traveled to the Caribbean, Canada, Mexico, France, Spain, Iceland, Denmark and Sweden. Kristine has hosted many students over the years including high school exchange students from France and Spain who now make up her extended family. One of her favorite projects at CSU was serving as program manager for the Iraqi Young Leaders Exchange Program. Travel and culture truly enrich our lives.

Favorite Aspect of CSU

Kristine’s favorite aspect of CSU is getting to learn about different cultures every day, bringing creativity and new ideas to the table and working with a great group of dedicated and talented people who care about international work.