When Do I Complete This Form?

J-1 Research Scholars or Professors can be authorized for out of country status if they will be conducting program activities outside of the United States as a part of their Exchange Visitor Program.

Conditions and Eligibility

To be eligible for out of country status, the Exchange Visitor must continue to conduct research in support of their sponsored program and must maintain health insurance that complies with J-1 regulations for the entire time they are outside of the US.

If an Exchange Visitor needs to extend their out of country end date, an updated J-1 Scholar Out of Country Request Form must be submitted to IISSS at least 5 days prior to the out of country end date. ISSS cannot extend an out of country end date in SEVIS if the end date has already passed.

22 C.F.R. ยง 62.10(E)(3) requires the Exchange Visitor to keep ISSS apprised of their address and contact information and to maintain such information while abroad.

Instructions for Completing This Form

This form must be submitted to ISSS before you leaves the United States.

  1. Complete the PDF form
  2. Acquire your CSU Faculty Sponsor’s signature
  3. Submit the form to ISSS in Laurel Hall at the front desk or via email