headshot of Thuy Nguyen

Thuy Nguyen



When did you first come to CSU?

I’ve been here since August of this year. I’m a senior so hopefully this is my last year as well.

What is your major?

I’m studying Economics. I chose this major even before I took the entrance exam in my Vietnam University and I really like Economics, I’m definitely satisfied with what I learn.

What’s the biggest difference between studying in Vietnam and here at CSU?

I think the biggest difference is that you have more help here. In Vietnam we don’t have the office hours that professors hold here, so that’s definitely the biggest help this school offers. I also really like the big library CSU has and a lot of help when it comes to finding references, researching, or having general questions for the professors.

What do you miss the most about being home?

Food. I can handle being away from family, but I miss the food a lot.

Favorite thing about CSU?

People here are very nice. You can make friends so easily with anyone and the nature around here is so beautiful. Definitely different from the American Movies I’ve seen before coming here.

Hardest part about studying here?

Doing team work with my American classmates is sometimes difficult. It seems like although they are very nice, they are hesitant to do team work with you because of the language barrier of all International people. It’s also a bit harder to make friends as quickly as they do, so there are definitely minor setbacks, but once you do, it’s a lot of fun.