Luis Fernando Monterrosa

Luis Fernando Monterrosa

El Salvador

B.S. in Biomedical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering

Why did you decide to study at CSU?

I decided to study at CSU as a result of family connections and career interests. I had family present in Colorado before applying, and so that way I would have someone to help me if I were to attend university in Colorado. Given that I had a sure interest in Biomedical Engineering, CSU was the best option for this program in Colorado, as well as affordable.

What types of clubs/organizations are you involved in at CSU and in Fort Collins Community?

I am involved in multiple organizations which all focus towards expanding the knowledge of science to those within the communities of Fort Collins, some of these organization are the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, Biomedical Engineering Society, and the Chemistry Club. Aside from these student organizations I often work with El Centro to participate in community events to support the Hispanic community.

What are your career goals?

My goal came as an inspiration after my experience as an intern for a non-profit organization in my country which provided free medical treatment and therapy for people without the resources to afford proper medical care. I participated in the fabrication and fitting of orthotic equipment on patients, and the experience of aiding others around who were less fortunate inspired me to pursue a career in which I was able to directly give back to the community, with this I hope to someday be able to go back to my country and provide this organization with improved prosthetic and orthotic production equipment by which they could then provide better care for those who are currently struggling due to the limitations of the devices currently being produced at this organization.

What do you want people to know about your home country?

I want others to know that despite the overwhelming violence and corruption of the country, the people there live their lives with hope and happiness of a perfect society, always willing to support one another in difficult situations, working past the negativity that overshadows the country every day.

What advice would you give to other students who are considering CSU?

Students who are interested in an overwhelmingly friendly community that accepts and embraces differences and cultural backgrounds should definitely consider CSU. The progressive community surrounding CSU is perfect for those who feel like outsiders in the United States to find a place that helps them feel a bit more like home, as well as progress into making this community their new home.