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Diego Velez Lebrun


B.S. Management and Finance

Why did you decide to attend CSU?

A dream of mine was to study in the United States but my fluency in English wasn’t ready to apply directly to CSU. For this reason, I came to CSU in the INTO program because I wanted to improve my academic English. As of now, I have improved significantly and it is easy for me to speak up in class and succeed in any academic setting.

Could you tell us about your arrival experience at CSU?

Currently I am in involved in the fraternity Sigma Alpha Epsilon, As well as the Finance Club and the Global Business Network

Could you tell us about getting an on campus job?

Working on campus is a great opportunity to develop time management skills. I have been working as the liaison of the global Business Network in the college of business for about a year, where I have gained lots of experience. The best thing about working on campus is that they usually work on your schedule, so that you can work in between classes or whenever is more convenient for you.

What advice would you give to other students who are considering CSU?

Colorado State University has a beautiful and active campus with one of the most qualified faculties. The opportunities provided to students are incredible and are designed to help you succeed. Also, the people at CSU are very kind and easy going, which will allow you to make many friends.

What do you want people to know about your home country?

Colombia is a beautiful and diverse country, where multiple ethnicities and cultures coexist together. It is also a land of peaceful and hardworking people who are striving to develop a better country for our future generations.