Housing & Accommodation Information

Exchange students have the option of living on or off campus. It is recommended that students who are over the age of 21 consider applying as early as possible to Aggie Village, other University Apartments or apply for off-campus housing. Detailed below you will find information about living in CSU residence halls or on-campus apartments and resources for locating off-campus housing.

On-campus Housing

Exchange students can apply to live in Residence Halls, Aggie Village, university apartments and are encouraged to do so. Most residence hall rooms are shared with another student. On-campus housing at CSU is extremely competitive. It is important to complete the online housing application by logging onto the Housing website, choosing University Apartments or Residence Halls and then completing the application as early as possible if you would like to secure a room on campus.

Costs associated with living on campus

University Apartments

Exchange students can apply to live in CSU apartments. *Important Note: Given the availability of the CSU apartments, students who apply to live in the CSU apartments should also submit an application for accommodation in the Residence Halls or for an off-campus apartment as a secondary preference.

Please note:

  • Students living in CSU apartments are not required to have a meal plan. The apartments are self-catered. However, an apartment student can purchase an optional meal plan to dine on-campus if desired.
  • The Intercultural Connections Community within the University Village apartment complex offers a friendly environment with various planned events. Placement in ICC is competitive. Other UV apartments are in high demand too. Early application is highly recommended.
  • Due to space limitations, the apartment might not be immediately available, or assignment to a CSU apartment might not occur. Exchange students interested in the apartments are also encouraged to apply to live within a residence hall to ensure accommodation upon arrival.
  • Exchange students who are age 23+ are strongly encouraged to apply to live in apartments within the near-campus International House complex. Apply as early as possible!
  • Placement in a specific apartment complex cannot be guaranteed.

Residence Halls

Contracts for living on campus are for the academic year. Exchange students staying for the fall semester only have to pay a $350 fee to break the contract mid-semester. Additionally, an early move in fee is charged to students who arrive before the official move it date. Exchange students are required to attend orientation the week before classes begin. Typically, exchange students will need to move into the halls 4 days early. The current early move in rate is $60/day. A per day fee is also charged to students who wish to remain in the residence halls for Fall break and/or Spring break. Click here for dates. Many students choose to travel during this time. Homestay options may be available per request during university breaks. If interested, please email the exchange student coordinator

Please note:

  • All students living within the residence halls are required to have a meal plan.
  • Single rooms are limited. Exchange students might share with an American roommate or another international student.
  • Placement in a specific residence hall cannot be guaranteed, but preferences should be stated in the online application.
  • Some halls unofficially offer rooms/floors for older students, such as Newsom Hall, Aspen Hall and Summit Hall. Some have an academic theme or focus (see below).
  • Some halls offer floors/rooms for specific learning communities.
  • Many of the students living within residence halls are freshmen (typically 18-19 years old), who are required to live on-campus for first year; but many older American and international students live within the residence halls too. Exchange students generally fit within the category of “Transfer and Returning Students” on the CSU housing website.

Off-Campus Housing

Students who wish to pursue living off-campus can find information through Off-Campus Life. The Off-Campus Life website allows you to search for rentals near CSU. Please note that many are not furnished.