Estimated Costs & Insurance

Estimated Costs at CSU

For international exchange students, the estimated cost breakdown is as follows.

CSU Pays

Tuition* & General Fees: 12-15 credits – covered by exchange agreement

Student pays

  • Accommodation & meals: $5,700 (in shared residence hall room)
  • Visa and SEVIS fees: $180 DS 160 visa application fee; $220 SEVIS I-901 fee; $125 SEVIS fee on your CSU bill for CSU immigration processing
  • CSU ID card: $25
  • Books & supplies: $600
  • Personal expenses: $1,000 – $2,000 depending on spending habits
  • Airfare: $750 – $2,000
  • CSU Health Insurance: $688 for Fall 2020; $749 for Spring/Summer 2021 (see CSU International Student Health Insurance)

*Some courses involve special fees (such as lab fees), which are the responsibility of the individual student.

Enrolling in more than 15 credits or 5 classes incurs extra tuition charges that will be the responsibility of the student.

Mandatory Health Insurance Requirements

Semester students will be automatically enrolled in the CSU SHIP (Student Health Insurance Policy). The charge will appear on their CSU bill and be due to pay September 10 (Fall) or February 10 (Spring).

Information about the CSU SHIP policy and coverage dates are available on the CSU Health Network website. It is recommended that students have temporary insurance coverage for any dates not covered by the CSU SHIP policy.

Students can submit a waiver for the health insurance requirement via the university petition process. Waivers are rarely granted. Students are strongly encourage to remain in CSU SHIP.