Education Abroad Fair

Please come to one of our biggest events of the year – the CSU Education Abroad Fair! We’d love to have you join us to share your experiences with some of the 1500 students who will attend. You and other students who have studied abroad are now the most informed and the best advocates of international opportunities. Students come to the fair interested in hearing about your experiences and seeing your photos. We always need lots of help spreading the word about the fair. Consider helping by passing out flyers, hanging posters, staffing information tables in the student center, and more! If you are interested in volunteering with the Fair events, please email Education Abroad to volunteer.

Education Abroad Peer Advisors

Are you interested in a paid job right here on campus? Nearly every semester we receive applications from current and former education abroad students for Peer Advisor positions! If you are energetic, outgoing, and passionate about your own education abroad experience, this is a great opportunity to share your knowledge and advise students while getting paid. You will develop your communication, administrative, and leadership skills as well as further your international and intercultural interests.

Photos and Stories

Our staff would love to see your photos, you at your study abroad or internship site, pictures with your host family, and scenic shots! We want to hear your stories too.

Are you eager to share your stories about education abroad? Consider volunteering for the Education Abroad Pre-departure Site-Specific Orientations to be held this semester for future students studying abroad. Watch your email for dates and times to talk at program specific orientations.

International Activities and Events

Local and international activities can help you adjust to being back as well as help you integrate your time abroad into your academic life and long-term goals. Visit the International Events Calendar for a list of some of the international programs and activities taking place here at CSU.

International Area Studies

The Interdisciplinary Studies Program offers an opportunity for students, regardless of discipline, to supplement their academic programs with knowledge in the field of international development. The focus of the program is on the study of the structures, components, and processes of development (economic, environmental, socio-cultural, and political).

CSU Career Center

Contact CSU’s Career Center to learn how to market your international experience and utilize the new skills gained abroad as you search for jobs.

Unique Housing Opportunities at CSU

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