CSU is closely monitoring the situation in Ukraine. This conflict is distressing news for the global community, and we recognize that this may be a worrisome and unsettling time. We must also take time to think of those who have strong ties to or are living in Ukraine.

At this time, there is minimal risk to CSU operations in Europe and we do not expect the situation to impact our programming. If the risk assessment specific to any destination changes, CSU will immediately communicate with students directly.

On February 24 we provided recommendations to help students actively manage their health and safety. We continue to check in and remind our travelers of this guidance.

  • Keep in contact with your support network, both at home and through your host organization/university abroad.
  • Utilize support resources from your host institution and/or CSU, including mental health counseling to talk with you individually about any concerns you might be feeling.
  • Regularly check your CSU email address for updated information from Education Abroad. Also ensure that you the correct information to receive/send communications to your host organization/university.
  • Do not attempt to travel to Ukraine, Belarus, or Russia.
  • Postpone personal travel outside of your host country until we know more about the impact of recent events.
  • Monitor local and international media for breaking updates. Do not act on the basis of unverified facts or media speculation.
  • Avoid discussing the unfolding conflict or in front of individuals you do not know well or trust, including in online forums, due to the sensitivity of the issue.
  • As always, avoid any public demonstrations, including any protests related to this conflict.
  • Read all communications from your host organization and the U.S. Embassy/Consulate in your host country carefully. If you have not done so already, enroll in STEP.

We all hope that this conflict is resolved without further escalation. That said, as part of our standard operating procedure, the CSU International Travel Oversight Committee (ITOC) has made specific guidelines to assess when CSU might ask students to return to the US. Alongside our partners we will closely monitor global events and convene to discuss initiating an active emergency response, if needed.

In an emergency, students can reach CSU 24/7 at 970-219-9940. CSU’s partners also have emergency numbers for on-site support. Additionally, students have been given access to remote mental health professionals, to talk with them individually about any concerns they may be feeling.

For non-emergency questions or concerns all travelers are welcome to contact CSU’s International Risk Manager, Derek Smallwood at 970-491-4174 or derek.smallwood@colostate.edu.