Chinese students make up the largest group of international students on campus. Among these students is Wenjin Wang, a senior majoring in landscape architecture as part of the 2+2 program with Anhui Agricultural University in Hefei, China. Wang’s experience transferring to a new country represent a common feeling felt by many international students: culture shock.

“Before I arrived here, everything I knew about (the United States) was from movies and songs, “Wang said. “The imagination and reality are quite different. There was a period where I didn’t really want to talk because of the language barrier. I questioned myself, “do I really belong here?” As I opened up, I started to see we actually had many things in common and connected in many ways. I’m proud to say that coming to CSU is the best decision I ever made.”

Wenjin Wang’s Bio

Wenjin Wang is a senior undergraduate student studying Landscape Architecture in the College of Agricultural science, who also has a minor in Business Administration. Wenjin is one of the China partner students Anhui Agricultural University. During his study at CSU, he has been recognized on the dean’s list in each semester. In May, he will be graduating with distinction as “Cum Laude”.

Wenjin is highly engaged in both professional and voluntary activities. He volunteered in the 2014 American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) Annual meeting and EXPO, and had a valuable experience with many well-known landscape architects. Besides, Wenjin also takes active parts in the student organization and contributes to campus diversity. During the term when he served as the vice president and interim president of Chinese Student & Scholar Association (CSSA), he participated and led in event planning, fund raising, and coordination between different organizations. Through holding a series of events, including China Partner Students Welcome reception, World Unity Fair, Mid-Autumn Festival Fair, Spring Festival Gala, Voice of CSU, CSSA dedicates to promote Chinese culture and encourage multicultural interaction between our students and local community. Wenjin also works at Central Programs – Apartment life, which is an on-campus housing department providing apartments for residents around the world. His job is to provide supports and serve as a resource to other staffs and residents to create a socially and academically engaged community.

Wenjin enjoys Colorado sunshine and likes skiing and hiking. The scenery in Colorado is really different from his hometown, which also allows him to better experience the interaction between human and nature. Fort Collins has the natural advantage of easy access to natural area, and eventually benefits him as landscape architect in the long term.